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Exploring Countries and Cultures

For 3rd–8th Graders
(and 2nd graders with older siblings in the program)

Homeschool Curriculum Package for ECC
Free Synergy Guide
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Deluxe Package

Not for children under 3 years.

Package Contents

Basic Package Includes:
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Parent/Teacher Supplement (required)
  • Student Sheets (purchase one per additional student)
  • Fast Facts
  • Flags of the World Ultimate Sticker Book (purchase one per additional student)
  • Passport (purchase one per additional student)
  • Exploring World Geography (purchase one per 3rd-8th grader or photocopy; 3rd-4th graders complete a small portion)
  • Hero Tales
  • Window on the World
  • God Speaks Numanggang
  • Children's Atlas of God's World
  • Classroom Atlas, 13th Edition
  • Wall Map of the World
  • Maps and Globes
  • Geography from A to Z
  • A Trip Around the World
  • Another Trip Around the World
  • Properties of Ecosystems, 4th Edition
  • Living World Encyclopedia
  • Global Art
  • Wee Sing Around the World (CD)
  • And free gifts:
Deluxe Package Includes the Basic Package Plus:
  • Currency Kit
  • Kingdom Tales
  • Christian Heroes: Then and Now — six-book set
    • Includes:
    • Cameron Townsend
    • Amy Carmichael
    • Nate Saint
    • David Livingstone
    • George Muller
    • Gladys Aylward
  • Inflatable Globe
  • The Great Animal Search
  • Fun with Easy Origami


Focus: Sharing God's Love with the World
  • Diverse Cultures
  • Study of Matthew
  • Memory Verses
  • Map Work
  • Vocabulary
  • Geography Game and Flags
  • Habitats and Ecosystems
  • Art and Music Around the World
Exploring Countries and Cultures Curriculum Guide

Take a trip around the world and explore diverse countries and cultures while learning geography and being challenged by true stories of missionaries. Experience different cultures by preparing traditional food, making native crafts, and listening to ethnic music.

Our easy-to-teach unit study includes a teacher's manual with daily lesson plans and all required books for Bible, geography, science, art, and music.

Supplement these with optional picture books and information books from the library for the countries you study. Library books are general resources and you will not need to find specific titles, although we list resources we have found helpful. (For classroom use, please contact us for special ordering information.)

Exploring Countries and Cultures is designed for use with 3rd-8th graders and 2nd graders with older siblings in the program.

If you own the first edition of ECC, there is an upgrade option available.

Teacher's Manual:

  • Daily lesson plans are in an easy-to-use weekly chart format.
  • Charts list each subject with page numbers of books to read and instructions for using Student Sheets. Many activities will be suitable for all ages; additional activities are suggested for older students. Many simple hands-on activities are included in the Teacher's Manual to reinforce the study of geography. We do the lesson planning for you so you have more time to enjoy teaching!


  • True stories from Hero Tales of godly men and women and the character traits they portrayed as they served as missionaries.
  • Weekly information about different ethnic groups around the world and their specific prayer needs, using Window on the World.
  • Weekly memory verses and daily readings from Matthew.


  • Develop a love for reading using "living" books from our excellent library list of picture books, fiction, and non-fiction for each country you study. We list the very best books we have read, but none are required.


  • Maps and globes are explored with Children's Atlas of God's World, Classroom Atlas, Maps and Globes, and a world wall map, as well as additional hands-on activities.
  • Easy-to-use full-color Geography Game teaches country names and locations.
  • Vocabulary focuses on geographic terms as students make illustrated vocabulary cards using Geography From A to Z.
  • Research skills are developed through the study of continents in Exploring World Geography.
  • Hands-on activities (cooking, flag making, passport, etc.) to explore 15 countries using A Trip Around the World and our Teacher's Manual. Library books provide enrichment for country topics that you study.


  • A focus on different habitats (desert, rain forest, grassland, forest, polar region, etc.) using Properties of Ecosystems and Living World Encyclopedia, as well as optional library books. Correlates to the country being studied (e.g., rain forest when studying Brazil.) Includes a weekly nature walk and nature journal.
  • For 7th and 8th graders, add Apologia science (purchase separately).

Art and Music

  • Enjoy art projects and music from countries you "visit" this year using Global Art and Wee Sing Around the World. You may supplement with ethnic music from the library.

Math, Language Arts, and Foreign Language



Synergy Groups

A Synergy Group™ is two or more families who meet weekly to participate in science, history/geography, art, and music activities from your MFW Teacher's Manual. The group leader uses a Synergy Guide which schedules easy-to-teach group activities with minimal preparation.

Learn More about MFW Synergy Groups™

To Complete Your Curriculum

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My Father's World released a new edition of Exploring Countries and Cultures in 2009. Significant revisions and upgrades include:

  • Much less photocopying required than before.
  • Parent/Teacher Supplement with map masters and games, including a parent copy of the Geography Game.
  • Student Sheets with full-color, ready-made Geography Game and new Geography Notebook pages (replacing the Appendix pages which previously had to be photocopied). Purchase one ready-to-use set for each student.
  • Pre-printed passport and new book on Bible translation: God Speaks Numanggang.
  • For science, Wild Places has been replaced by Properties of Ecosystems, which has a Biblical perspective.
  • Kingdom Tales, a classic collection of 36 beloved tales by David and Karen Mains that use allegory to reveal truths about the Kingdom of God. Updated by My Father's World to include discussion questions.
  • Expanded 7th & 8th Grade Supplement Package.
  • 7th & 8th grade lesson plans included each week in the Teacher's Manual.

If you own an older edition of Exploring Countries and Cultures, you can use it again and again as long as you keep all of the original books that match the Teacher's Manual. However, an upgrade is available:

You may exchange your older edition ECC Teacher's Manual (TM) for a new Teacher's Manual for $58. Call our office to request an upgrade (573-202-2000). You will be given information about how to return your TM to our office. Once we receive your TM, a new manual will be sent to you.

For 7th & 8th graders who only need the new reading schedule with Kisses from Katie, refer here.

If you are only teaching a 7th or 8th grader, some of the items below may be optional. Please call our office at 573-202-2000 for help in placing an order.

(All of the above items are scheduled in the Teacher's Manual.)

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Let me start by saying that this is no ordinary curriculum...I couldn't wait to see what they would come up with in terms of a geography curriculum, and I was totally blown away. Following the teachings of Charlotte Mason, with their own uniquely developed ideas for unit studies, Marie and David have produced a geography unit study package that is one of the best I have seen in every way...

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Exploring Countries and Cultures does a terrific job teaching world geography and is helping us to become sensitive to the need of Jesus in our world.

L. J.

I just wanted to let you know what a great first year we're having with MFW! Our children (12 & 9) were in public school until this year, so I was really nervous. The Teacher's Manual is so organized, and we love how every day begins with Bible reading.

Annette, Arkansas

Individual items
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Leslie Colvin and Emma Speare

ISBN: 9780794527846

  • Why do leopards have spots?
  • How do plants breathe?
  • Why do giraffes have long necks?
  • What do whales eat?

From mountain peaks and coral reefs, to steamy jungles and scorching deserts, this fascinating book introduces children to the amazing world of nature; and reveals the special ways animals find food, attract mates, escape enemies, and adapt to different habitats and climates. A classification section, glossary and index complete this invaluable children's reference book.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Package.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Caroline Young

ISBN: 9780794526924

From alligators to zebras, this brain-teasing picture puzzle has over 100 animals to spot on every double page of this book. Each beautifully illustrated scene shows the wildlife in a different part of the world and includes fascinating animal facts. Spend hours of fun learning about animals and habitats.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Debbie and Richard Lawrence

ISBN: 9781626914759

Learn about the amazing world that God created as you study 16 different ecosystems and the plants and animals that live and interact in them. You will also learn how God originally created our world very good but how and why things are different now. Exciting hands-on activities will help you understand your role in conservation and how you can be a good steward of our amazing planet.

Properties of Ecosystems:

  • has a strong biblical worldview
  • requires minimal teacher preparation
  • teacdhes critical thinking skills
  • includes fun hands-on activities with every lesson
  • is multi-level (easy to use with multiple children and different ages)
  • is flexible and works with all learning styles

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

ISBN: 9781561895441

Students study science while practicing reading skills with this high-interest, easy-to-read book. Includes 12 mini-books and fascinating information about 100+ animals.

The Complete Book of Animals contains:

  • High-interest lessons to encourage learning.
  • Fun, full-color illustrations to spark interest.
  • Challenging concepts and activities to motivate independent study.

Use with Exploring Countries and Cultures (when studying animals on each continent) or Exploration to 1850 (when studying the animal kingdom).

Scheduled in the Teacher's Manual for Exploring Countries and Cultures but not included in the Basic or Deluxe Packages; optional but highly recommended.

Included with the 2nd - 3rd Grade Supplement for Exploration to 1850.

ISBN: 9780843120059

A musical journey to faraway places!
¡Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Join Wee Sing on a musical tour of favorite children's songs from around the world, all written and performed in their native languages as well as in English. Learn international facts about people, places, and cultures, and experience the.joy of music from across the globe!

Track List:

  1. Hello to All the Children of the World
  2. Going Over the Sea - Canada
  3. Uhe Basho Sho (The Crooked Path) - United States
  4. Eentsy, Weentsy Spider - United States
  5. Pin Pon (Paper Doll) - Mexico
  6. Tingalayo (Donkey Song) - West Indies
  7. El Coqui­­ (The Frog) - Puerto Rico
  8. Chi Chi Bud (Chi Chi Bird) - Jamaica
  9. Brown Girl in the Ring - Guyana
  10. Ciranda (Circle Game) - Brazil
  11. Mi Chacra (My Farm) - Argentina
  12. Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks) - Peru
  13. Ro, Ro Til Fiskeskjaer (Row, Row to the Fishing Spot) - Norway
  14. Sma Grodorna (Little Frogs) - Sweden
  15. En Enebaer Busk (The Mulberry Bush) - Denmark
  16. Piiri Pieni Pyorii (The Circle Goes Around) - Finland
  17. Wee Falorie Man - Ireland
  18. Coulter's Candy - Scotland
  19. Lavender's Blue - England
  20. Alle Eendjes (All the Ducklings) - The Netherlands
  21. Frere Jacques (Brother John) - France
  22. Weggis Zue (Swiss Hiking Song) - Switzerland
  23. Alle Meine Entchen (All My Little Ducklings) - Germany
  24. Mio Galletto (My Little Rooster) - Italy
  25. Mi Burro (My Burro) - Spain
  26. Pou'n-do To Dachtilidi (Where Is the Ring?) - Greece
  27. Ringe, Ringe Raja (Ring Around Raja) - (former) Yugoslavia
  28. Veselee Husi (Jolly, Happy Ganders) - Ukraine
  29. Tue Tue (Clapping Game) - Ghana
  30. Akwa Nwa Nere Nnwa (The Little Nanny Story) - Nigeria
  31. Bebe Moke (Baby So Small) - Zaire
  32. Kanyoni Kanja (Little Bird Outside) - Kenya
  33. Ali Baba'nin Ciftligi (Ali Baba's Farm) - Turkey
  34. Zum Gali Gali (Work Song) - Israel
  35. Attal Mattal (Rhythm Game) - Iran
  36. Anilae Anilae (Chipmunk, Chipmunk) - India
  37. Kai Veechamma (Move Your Hand) - India
  38. Fong Swei (After School) - China
  39. Arirang (Arirang Hill) - Korea
  40. Ame, Ame (Rain Song) - Japan
  41. Pok Amai, Amai (Clap Together) - Malaysia
  42. Australia - Australia
  43. Epo I Tai Tai E (I Will Be Happy) - New Zealand
  44. Nani Wale Na Hala (Pretty Hala Trees) - Hawaii
  45. Hello-Reprise

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter

ISBN: 9780876591901

Give children a piece of geography or history they can hold in their hands. Global Art makes geography, culture, and history real for children through direct, concrete experience. Over 135 projects provide exciting ways for young ones to travel the world. Crafting their own Nigerian Royalty Hangings, Chinese Printing Presses, and Peruvian Silver Wind Chimes will help them understand and appreciate the people who made these things.

The easy-to-do activities use everyday household items to create sculptures and decorations, paintings, drawings and much more. Each artifact to be made is accompanied by a map showing the geographic location of its source and fascinating information on its native land, culture, or history.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Craig Froman

ISBN: 9780890517062

Discover the wonders of Earth's seven continents as you learn more about each featured country - the diverse cultures, holidays, natural wonders, and historic sites. Complete with maps detailing major cities and geographical information, this full-color atlas is a book your whole family will enjoy!

  • Discover amazing facts, including longest rivers, tallest mountains, and more!
  • Learn about Christian explorers, missionaries, and history makers of each continent.
  • Investigate the wondrous diversity of God's creatures, from killer caterpillars to the longest snakes hiding in the jungle!
  • Explore distinct natural biomes, and the plants and animals that live there.

On every page you'll discover incredible details of people and places from around the globe. From great civilizations to unique architecture, Children's Atlas of Gods World is an educational tour and helpful reference tool!

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.


ISBN: 9780528015144

Did you know?

  • Asia - Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
  • Africa - The Nile River is the longest river in the world.
  • Australia and Oceania - The region known as Oceania contains about 25,000 islands, most of which are uninhabited.
  • South America - Stretching 4,500 miles, the Andes are the world's longest mountain range.
  • North America - Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
  • Antarctica - Vostok Station in Antartica holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the world: -129 F.

A comprehensive atlas designed for school-aged children. Includes hundreds of maps illustrating the physical, political, environmental, economic, and population makeup of countries around the world.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

ISBN: 9780528012792

  • Attractive wall map, ideal for home or office
  • Features the most up-to-date and accurate information
  • Measures 50" x 32"

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Also helpful for those using Journey Bible reading blog.


Harriett Barton

ISBN: 9780064460491

Maps and globes can take you anywhere - to the top of the tallest mountain on earth or the bottom of the deepest ocean. Maps tell you about the world: where various countries are located, where the jungles and deserts are, even how to find your way around your own hometown. If you take a fancy to any place on earth, you can go there today and still be home in time for dinner. So open a map, spin a globe. The wide world awaits you.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Jack Knowlton

ISBN: 9780064460996

A is for Archipelago - Z is for Zone

Do you know the difference between a plateau and a plain? Between a knoll and an atoll? Have you ever wondered what a badland is? Or an isthmus? Or a gulch?

The answers are all here! From the highest mountain peak to the deepest ocean trench, Geography from A to Z follows the alphabet through the various features of the earth.

Sixty-three different geographic phenomena are described in clear, concise, kid-friendly terms, each accompanied by a full-color illustration.

Just right for young readers, Geography from A to Z is the perfect introduction to the physical features of the world we live in.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Leland Graham and Traci Brandon

ISBN: 97804422210342

Welcome to the World! A Trip Around the World gives you the opportunity to explore life in Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Germany, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States with fun hands on activities. Sections for each country contain basic information (area, population, flag descriptions, etc.), fascinating facts (sports, education, wildlife, etc.), language activities, recipes, learning activities, flags, maps, and a resource list.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Check out Another Trip Around the World for even more countries.


Leland Graham and Traci Brandon

ISBN: 97804422212005

Take a trip around the world with this engaging, multicultural study with fun hands on activities. Learn not only basic information about the countries you are studying, but also about their language, food, history, culture, flag, geographical location, and more! You'll have a magnificent time learning facts about each country, making recipes, and singing songs in different languages. With Another Trip Around the World, you will tour India, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Panama, Nigeria, Greece, France, Russia, Venezuela, and Antarctica.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Check out A Trip Around the World for even more countries.


ISBN: 9781420627053

Through maps and activities, children gain a thorough knowledge of each continent. Your child will learn about the rivers and lakes, mountains and deserts, products and resources, climate and people of each continent around the globe.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Purchase one per additional 3rd-8th grader or photocopy. 3rd-4th graders complete a small portion.

Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

ISBN: 9780756690885

  • Test your geography skills with this fun and informative sticker book.
  • Choose your favorite stickers to personalize your book of flags.
  • Reusable stickers mean you can have hours of fun.

See the many beautifully diverse flags of major countries around the world in this colorful sticker book. Includes full-color maps of the world and over 300 flag stickers.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Purchase one per additional student.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

ISBN: 9781619991170

My Father's World passport replica for hours of pretend play.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Purchase one per additional student.

ISBN: 9781619991088

Learn about money, exchange rates, and more. Full-color play money with 12 currencies from around the world--coordinated with countries studied. Can be used with 1-4 children.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package.

Dave and Neta Jackson

ISBN: 9780764200786

Timeless Lessons for Families From Great Christians of the Past

Drawn from the lives of fifteen key Christian heroes, Hero Tales is a beautifully illustrated treasury of forty-five exciting and educational readings designed to help foster Christian character qualities in families with elementary-age children. This inspiring collection presents a short biography and three true stories for each hero, including:

  • Amy Carmichael
  • Martin Luther
  • Dwight L. Moody
  • Samuel Morris
  • Harriet Tubman
  • John Wesley

Whether read together at family devotions or alone, Hero Tales is an ideal way to acquaint children ages six to twelve with historically important Christians while imparting valuable lessons.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Daphne Spraggett

ISBN: 9780830857821

Find out how God is changing the lives of families everywhere through prayer-from the frozen Arctic to the hottest desert, on the highest mountains and in crowded cities.

Window on the World brings alive the culture, history, and traditions of all sorts of different people. With "Fact Files" and "Do You Know?" features, each section brings you information, true stories, maps, and easy-to-use prayer points that take you into homes around the world. See how children live, what they like to do, where they go to school, what they eat and wear, and what they hope and dream.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.


Janet and Geoff Benge

ISBN: 9781576581453

The Cakchiquel man became indignant when Cam offered him a tract in Spanish. "Do you have one in Cakchiquel?" he asked. "There are none, I'm sorry," replied Cam. "Well," retorted the man, "if your God is so great, why can't he speak my language?"

In one decisive moment, Cameron Townsend understood that God had called him to translate the Bible into the language of his Guatemalan friends. For Cam, the obstacles were small when compared to the growing reward of helping the diverse people of Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru read God's life-changing Word for themselves.

Quick on his feet and slow to give up, Cam started Wycliffe Bible Translators with the dream of making the Good News available in every language. Since 1942, Wycliffe has translated Scripture into hundreds of languages, spreading God's Word to people all over the world.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now six-book set.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Janet and Geoff Benge

ISBN: 9781576580189

Amy Carmichael stood on the deck of the steamer, waving good-bye once again to her old friend Robert Wilson. How could she have known she would never see him or the British Isles again? Amy was certain God had called her to India. Indeed! India would be home for the rest of her life.

Amy's life was marked by a simple, determined obedience to God, regardless of circumstances. Her story and legacy are stunning reminders of the impact of one person who will fear God and nothing else.

Driven by love and compassion, and sustained by faith and determination, Amy Carmichael defied the cruel barriers of India's caste system. The story of this young woman from Northern Ireland is a brilliant, sparkling example of God's love generously poured out to "the least of these among us."

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now six-book set.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Janet and Geoff Benge

ISBN: 9781576580172

Seven-year-old Nate Saint peered wide-eyed over the cockpit of his older brother Sam's Challenger biplane. The eastern Pennsylvania countryside was spread out neatly below him like a fine tablecloth. Nate was determined to remember every moment of this first high-flying adventure.

Flying soon captured Nate's heart. His air service ministry to isolated missionaries put him on a path of destiny that would ultimately end with a final airplane flight with four missionary friends to the "Palm Beach" landing strip in the jungles of Ecuador.

The men's lives given that day not only opened a door to the gospel for the unreached Acucas; it has been said that possibly no single event of the twentieth century awakened more hearts to God's call to serve in missions.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now six-book set.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Janet and Geoff Benge

George Muller ISBN:9781576581452

GLadys Aylward ISBN: 9781576580196

George Muller stared at the beggar girl. She was no older than five and was piggybacking her little brother. Her mother had died in the cholera epidemic sweeping England. Her father had never returned from the mines. Standing in the muddy street, this little girl gave a face to Bristol's countless orphans.

With scarcely enough food or money for his own family, George Muller opened his heart and home. Sustained by God's provision, the Muller house "Breakfast Club" of thirty orphans grew to five large houses that ultimately over ten thousand children would call home.

George Muller trusted God with a depth rarely seen. His faith and generosity set a standard for Christians of all generations.

As improbable as it seemed, Gladys Aylward was certain God had called her to China as a missionary. But now, at age twenty-seven, she was being dismissed from missionary training school for failing her Bible class.

Without formal education or a missionary organization to back her, Gladys raised her own finances for the overland trip that would bring her to the country and people that God had etched so deeply on her heart...China!

What follows is an amazing adventure of faith and determination. Gladys Aylward, a housemaid from England, dared to trust God in the face of dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. Her life is one of the truly great missionary stories of our era.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now six-book set.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Janet and Geoff Benge

ISBN: 9781576581537

The lion's jaws gripped David Livingstone's arm. Razor-sharp teeth pierced his flesh as the lion savagely shook David in the air like a rag doll. A gunshot rang out. "God help us," David moaned, as the lion dropped him and turned to charge David's friend Mebalwe.

With the heart of an explorer and the passion of an evangelist, David Livingstone mapped vast, unexplored areas of Africa, sharing the gospel with whomever he encountered. His stamina, perseverance, and dogged determination created the legacy of a trailblazing explorer with an undying hunger to make Christ known wherever his steps led him.

David Livingstone's captivating adventures and tireless zeal continue to inspire countless men and women to bring the gospel message of God's love to those souls who have never heard.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now six-book set.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Bruce Olson

ISBN: 9781576583487

What happens when a nineteen-year-old heads into a South American jungle to evangelize a murderous tribe? For Bruce Olson it meant capture, disease, terror, loneliness, and torture. But what he discovered by trial and error has revolutionized missions. Living with the Motilone Indians since 1961, Olson has won the friendship of four Colombian presidents and has appeared before the United Nations. His story will amaze you and remind you that simple faith in Christ can make anything possible.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.
Manufacturer Item:TESTItem

Bilquis Sheikh

ISBN: 9780800793241

How do I give myself to God completely?
What happens when I do?

I Dared to Call Him Father is a book for everyone who has ever asked these questions.

It is the fascinating true story of Bilquis Sheikh, a prominent Muslim woman in South Asia who faced these questions at the crossroads of her life and found the astonishing answers.

Her entire life turned upside down as a series of strange dreams launched her on a quest that would forever consume her heart, mind, and soul.

This 25th anniversary edition contains a new afterward by a Western friend of Bilquis and a new appendix on how the East enriches the West.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Brother Andrew

ISBN: 9781576585597

The incredible autobiography of Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler". From 1955 to the present hour, this remarkable man has risked his life smuggling Bibles into countries where Scriptures are outlawed. His report, packed with dangerous adventures and high drama, testifies to God's miraculous provision for those who follow where He leads.

Journey into places still hostile to Christians--with profiles on courageous champions of the faith. Meet teens and others across the globe who are mercilessly persecuted for their faith, yet display extraordinary joy. Their stories, along with Brother Andrew's, will forever change the way you walk the narrow road.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.

David Hazell

ISBN: 9781450701310


  • There are more than 6800 spoken languages in the world.
  • Only 636 languages have a Bible and only 1442 have a New Testament.
  • Nearly 2000 have no Bible translation in process. Source: Wycliffe Bible Translators, October 2016

When God called us to start My Father's World, it was with a commitment to fund Bible translation around the world. God has blessed My Father's World and it has been our joy to contribute significantly to translation projects each year through God's Word for the Nations. We hope you'll join us in making a difference.
- David & Marie Hazell

God' s Word for the Nations partners with others to provide prayer and financial support for the translation and distribution of God's Word into the heart language of all people. 100% of your donation goes directly to organizations and individuals involved in Bible translation.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

David and Karen Mains

ISBN: 9781619990029

A classic collection of 36 beloved tales by David and Karen Mains that use allegory to reveal truths about the Kingdom of God and the Christian life. Updated by My Father's World® to include discussion questions and answers. This hard-bound edition brings Tales of the Kingdom, Tales of the Resistance, and Tales of the Restoration into one volume.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package.
Set includes Cameron Townsend, Amy Carmichael, Nate Saint, David Livingstone, George Muller and Gladys Aylward. Exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom. Scheduled in the Teacher's Manual as family read-alouds, and coordinated with countries studied this year.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package.

John Montroll

ISBN: 9780486274805

Here is everything a beginner needs to practice the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, including clearly illustrated instructions and a packet of authentic origami paper.

John Montroll's how-to book enables novices to grasp the fundamentals of the art quickly and to successfully complete 32 simple projects-among them, a hat, cup, pin wheel, boat, house, and fish . Also included are directions for more challenging but still easy-to-make subjects such as a pigeon, pelican, and piano.

Accompanying the instructions are 24 sheets of high-quality origami paper. Specially manufactured to resist tears and produce clean lines and crisp folds, the 7" x 7" sheets (2 each of 12 different colors) are perfect for creating a fascinating array of three-dimensional objects that will make intriguing party favors, holiday decorations, and conversation pieces.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Package.
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John and Patty Carratello

ISBN: 9781557341631

Use this guide to write an in-depth research paper on one of the countries of the world. Includes step-by-step instructions to producing bibliographies, footnotes, and note cards. This booklet also teaches students in the use of libraries and reference materials for research. When finished, your child will have a top-notch country report and a better understanding of the world around them.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Learning is an adventure with this multi-media online version of World Book. World Book Student Online is designed to make knowledge accessible and easy to find.

World Book Student Online is a great addition to Book Basket for students in grades 2-8. This easy-to-use program invites students to further explore topics from their homeschool studies in science, history, geography, art, and more. Families using preschool, kindergarten, or first grade will find that parents can easily locate illustrations of topics being studied or information to summarize and share with their young learners.

To help students get the most out of their research experience, World Book Student Online is packed with research tools: Citation Builder, How to Do Research, Compare Places, Interactive Maps, and the World Book Atlas.

This is a one-year subscription to an online service. Requires web browser and internet access. Non-returnable.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.

ISBN: 9781619990302

Helps with Speed & Memorization of Math Facts

My Father's World developed Fast Facts to provide written practice of math facts consistent with Singapore Math®. This packet contains cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Simply fill in the answers and flip the card over to check.

Included with the Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Katie Davis Majors

ISBN: 9781451612097

What would cause an eighteen-year-old old senior class president and homecoming queen from Nashville, Tennessee, to disobey and disappoint her parents by forgoing college, break her little brother's heart, lose all but a handful of her friends (because the rest of them think she has gone off the deep end), and break up with the love of her life, all so she could move to Uganda, where she knew only one person but didn't know any of the language?

A passion to follow Jesus.

Katie Davis Majors left over Christmas break of her senior year for a short mission trip to Uganda and her life was turned completely inside out. She found herself so moved by the people of Uganda and the needs she saw that she knew her calling was to return and care for them. Katie, a charismatic and articulate young woman, adopted thirteen children in Uganda and has established a ministry, Amazima, that feeds and sends hundreds more to school while teaching them the Word of Jesus Christ.

Kisses from Katie invites readers on a journey of radical love down the red dirt roads of Uganda. You'll laugh and cry with Katie as she follows Jesus into the impossible and finds joy and beauty beneath the dust. Katie and her children delight in saying yes to the people God places in front of them and challenge readers to do the same, changing the world one person at a time.

Included with the 7th - 8th Grade Supplement for Exploring Countries and Cultures.
Required for 7th and 8th Graders

The 7th - 8th Grade Supplement provides an engaging and age appropriate curriculum package for 7th and 8th grade students. This supplement includes inspiring missionary biographies and resources for completing additional research on each country studied.

Exploring Countries and Cultures Basic or Deluxe Package is also required. All of the items are scheduled in your Teacher's Manual for Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Supplement includes:
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