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My Father's World Homeschool Curriculum Packages

Preschool–3rd Grade

Preschool for 3s — All Aboard the Animal Train
This complete preschool program is packed with 36 weeks of easy-to-teach activities, fully scheduled and prepared for you and your child. Learn about 12 animals through finger plays, creative play, fabulous books, and colorful animal cookie cutters. We're excited about this fun, educational curriculum with Biblical values and character development!

Pre-K for 4s — Voyage of Discovery
In this complete program, children gain academic readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers and enjoy read aloud times. They'll learn about their community — post office, fire station, church, grocery store — and make delightful science discoveries. They'll develop fine and large motor skills and increase in cognitive skills. Most important, they'll learn God's truth and be encouraged to live it in their lives.

Kindergarten — God's Creation from A to Z
This year-long hands-on learning adventure begins with a two-week focus on the Creation story from Genesis, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units (one letter each week). Each unit focuses on an aphabet letter linked to an object in God’s wonderful creation and a biblical character trait. Science activities and hands-on projects reinforce each character trait. Also includes reading, math, creative thinking, children's literature, and art. Second Edition (2017) adds two new units—Christmas and Fruit of the Spirit.

First Grade — Learning God's Story
A complete curriculum with a phonics-based reading program that focuses on the Bible. God’s story from Genesis to Revelation is read, narrated, and illustrated through more than 50 stories in the Bible Reader. Simple projects, such as making a Bible times costume, help students connect with the Word of God. The integrated lessons also include language arts, social studies, science, math, and art.

Adventures in U.S. History (2nd or 3rd Grade)
Travel back in time and explore U.S. history and patriotic symbols from a Christian perspective with fascinating stories, hands-on activities, a timeline, and a student-created history notebook. Students study the names of Jesus, learning about His character while reading from their own grade-level Bible. Science lessons correlate with the names of Jesus, and U.S. history spotlights the Biblical character of America’s forefathers. Also includes U.S. geography, art, music, and more.

3rd–8th Grade

Exploring Countries and Cultures
Take a trip around the world and explore diverse countries and cultures while being challenged by true stories of missionaries. See the physical and spiritual needs of mankind while learning about ecosystems and lifestyles in different parts of the world. Experience different cultures by preparing traditional food, making native crafts, and listening to ethnic music. This foundational year prepares students to view the upcoming study of chronological history with God’s heart and mind.

Creation to the Greeks
Learn how the Biblical account fits in with other civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Babylon during this first year of a four-year chronological study of history—building on the foundation of Exploring Countries and Cultures. An overview of the Old Testament, which serves as a key history text, allows students to study the Bible and ancient history side by side. Old Testament stories and celebrations come to life as families experience the Old Testament feasts, the 10 plagues, and much more.

Rome to the Reformation
Follow us to the time of Roman civilization in our second year of chronological history. Learn how the Romans set the stage by their Pax Romana for the central event of all history—the birth of Jesus. Gain an overview of the New Testament and the life of Jesus. Follow the development of the church and study the Middle Ages, culminating with the Renaissance and Reformation. Science focuses on the human body and astronomy, viewed from a Biblical perspective.

Exploration to 1850
Explore the New World with Leif Ericsson, Christopher Columbus, and others in our third year of chronological history. Discover the amazing story of the U.S. from colonial times to the California gold rush and learn about the courage and faith of many who came to America. Investigate world history and cultures, and see how U.S. and world history are interrelated. God’s creative hand is revealed through scientific study of plants and animals.

1850 to Modern Times
The fourth and final year of our chronological study of history. Enjoy learning U.S. and world history as you solve cryptography puzzles, bake Vietnamese Apricot Coconut Cake, recite the Gettysburg Address, and learn the states and capitals. Read about Hudson Taylor, a pioneer missionary to China, and Sergeant York, a humble mountain man and Christian who became a great World War I hero. A beginning study of chemistry and physics offers many hands-on opportunities to recognize God’s ultimate power in our universe.

High School

Ancient History and Literature
A verse-by-verse reading of the entire Old Testament encourages challenging, practical, daily application. Worldviews of ancient societies and their literature are studied and compared to a Biblical worldview. Each year of high school includes scheduled participation in student-selected community service projects.

World History and Literature
A verse-by-verse reading of the New Testament is combined with personal application from Experiencing God Student Edition and other impacting resources. Church and world histories are studied from the time of Rome to the present.

U.S. History to 1877
A Biblical worldview is studied in depth and then used to analyze the diverse worldviews found in early American literature. Worldview disciplines studied include theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.

U.S. History 1877 to the Present
Concepts and skills for spiritual growth are taught to encourage lifelong habits and practices. These disciplines include in-depth Bible study, Scripture memorization and meditation, and prayer. Literature and history assignments continue to include analysis from a Biblical worldview.