Our Beliefs

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible is the truly inspired Word of God, that it is fully accurate, and that it contains the wisdom of God that we need for our lives. As we read the Bible, the Holy Spirit instructs our hearts and minds to understand God's eternal truth and shows us how to apply that truth to our lives today.

We believe that this world and all of its inhabitants were created by our loving God for eternal fellowship with Him. Man, by his sin, has become separated from God, and only through personally accepting the gift of reconciliation purchased by Jesus at the cross can we regain fellowship with God. We believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and only through Him may people find peace with God.

We rejoice that God has adopted us as His children. We know that when we die we will be with Him in heaven forever. We look forward to worshipping Him with the multitudes from every tribe and nation. We believe that He has given us the task here on Earth to enable others to hear (in their native language) the Good News that their Creator longs for them with an immeasurable love, and that He has made a way for them to be reconciled to Himself.

Christian Biblical Worldview

My Father's World curriculum has a Christian biblical worldview throughout. Bible is included in all of our programs. We have no denominational or doctrinal agenda. We introduce your children to God the Father and Creator, Jesus our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit. It is our goal to provide you with a framework each year to help you disciple your children. My Father's World leaves interpretation of biblical doctrine to each family as God leads them.

Christian Biblical Curriculum

Not all curricula are equal. When comparing curricula, it may be helpful to ask:

  • How are your students introduced to Jesus?
  • Do students ever read and study the entire Bible?
  • Does your history study begin with Creation (God-centered) or Mesopotamia?
  • Does memory work focus on passages from God's Word or on history, names, and dates?
  • How is a biblical worldview incorporated into subjects like art and music?