My Father's World is Making a Global Impact and Advancing the Kingdom!


Public education is a burning building. We're working to rescue children from the flames of woke, anti-God, anti-American agendas by starting MicroSchools.

A MicroSchool is a non-traditional gathering of students using the same curriculum and meeting regularly to engage together in its content. All you need are two or more families and a meeting place to get started.


As part of our initiative to reform education in America, My Father's World is helping to start hundreds of MicroSchools across the U.S.

You can be next!

Watch “Rescue the Children: An Online MicroSchool Workshop” today and sign up to receive information about upcoming in-person MicroSchool conferences at our tour training center in south central Missouri.



My Father's World is known for our Bible-centric and academically excellent complete curriculum for preschool through high school. Trusted by thousands of families in the United States, we are now impacting children families around the world. Over 400,000 children's lives have been impacted by our curriculum. Through your continued support, we are able to make a global impact together!

Our curriculum world-wide:

Papua New Guinea - In several jungle schools South Africa - Trilingual preschool Central Asia - Teaching English to all ages Honduras - English and Bible classes in public school Liberia - Phonic education in several Christian schools


My Father's World began with a mission to advance God's kingdom through Bible translation, and has expanded its visions to include business as missions, global ambassador training, and more.


  • A new and spacious training center, located in south central Missouri, has been developed so future business, MicroSchool, and ambassador training can be efficient and effective.
  • Our first trainees, a My Father's World family, has established a successful Kingdom-focused poultry business in central Asia.


  • Through this non-profit, the My Father's World community has helped provide all or part of the Scriptures in the Bashkir, Buryat, Numanggang, Abkhaz, and Kabardian languages, among others, and has been instrumental in the development of the American Sign Language Version, the first-ever complete Bible translated into sign language.

By trusting My Father's World for your curriculum needs, you contribute to the over $20 million in donations from our company to these and other related projects.


World Changers Teacher's Manual

We have developed a new program, World Changers, for 3rd grade, to follow Adventures in US History.

We believe we are living in a very strategic time in history and want to inspire all children, parents, and teachers to live as salt and light, using the unique talents God has given each one of us. World Changers is designed to help you see how God has moved throughout history, as you learn about everyday people who changed the world by using their God-given gifts and talents.

We focus on 32 people who used the gifts that God gave them to be salt and light to the world — musicians, artists, a baseball player, a businessman, and more — combined with a quick overview of World History. This package will include Bible, history, science, STEM activities, music appreciation and recorder lessons, art appreciation and drawing lessons, inspiring read alouds, and more.


Fun on the Farm Set

Engage and educate little ones through guided playtime with this Fun on the Farm Set. Name the baby animals, identify colors, discover fascinating things happening on the farm, or pretend to be the farmer. Includes exclusive My Father's World activity cards and mini-posters to expand your learning and play experience.


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Laptop and Mobile Phone

The Wild Brothers are homeschooled missionary kids who experienced epic adventures in nature living in Southeast Asia. We have teamed up with them to produce exclusive videos for our families — combining fascinating science information with biblical concepts — that are now integrated into all of our K-8th grade curriculum. In their words: “Our mission is to engage our generation to live out the ultimate adventure of following Jesus Christ!”


My Father's World offers couples and head-of-household retreats with a family focus, challenging you to nurture a greater kingdom focus in your family's future. We invite you to experience a weekend that will impact the coming generations. Discover God's call buried within you. Dream a kingdom-impacting dream so big only God can fulfill it! Be challenged to look beyond your reach and trust in God's ability ... all at the beautiful Kabekona Hills Retreat Center in Missouri.


Kabekona Hills has 342 peaceful acres of scenic rolling hills a beautiful 37-acre private lake, and accommodations for families and up to 50 guests. The perfect setting for your next family reunion, church retreat, corporate event, or getaway adventure with family and friends!