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Wee Sing Around the World CD

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ISBN: 9780843120059

Explore the music of the world with this tour of favorite children's songs. Each is performed in its native language and in English. Includes 44 songs and a 64-page illustrated book of lyrics.

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A musical journey to faraway places!
¡Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Join Wee Sing on a musical tour of favorite children's songs from around the world, all written and performed in their native languages as well as in English. Learn international facts about people, places, and cultures, and experience the.joy of music from across the globe!

Track List:

  1. Hello to All the Children of the World
  2. Going Over the Sea - Canada
  3. Uhe Basho Sho (The Crooked Path) - United States
  4. Eentsy, Weentsy Spider - United States
  5. Pin Pon (Paper Doll) - Mexico
  6. Tingalayo (Donkey Song) - West Indies
  7. El Coqui­­ (The Frog) - Puerto Rico
  8. Chi Chi Bud (Chi Chi Bird) - Jamaica
  9. Brown Girl in the Ring - Guyana
  10. Ciranda (Circle Game) - Brazil
  11. Mi Chacra (My Farm) - Argentina
  12. Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks) - Peru
  13. Ro, Ro Til Fiskeskjaer (Row, Row to the Fishing Spot) - Norway
  14. Sma Grodorna (Little Frogs) - Sweden
  15. En Enebaer Busk (The Mulberry Bush) - Denmark
  16. Piiri Pieni Pyorii (The Circle Goes Around) - Finland
  17. Wee Falorie Man - Ireland
  18. Coulter's Candy - Scotland
  19. Lavender's Blue - England
  20. Alle Eendjes (All the Ducklings) - The Netherlands
  21. Frere Jacques (Brother John) - France
  22. Weggis Zue (Swiss Hiking Song) - Switzerland
  23. Alle Meine Entchen (All My Little Ducklings) - Germany
  24. Mio Galletto (My Little Rooster) - Italy
  25. Mi Burro (My Burro) - Spain
  26. Pou'n-do To Dachtilidi (Where Is the Ring?) - Greece
  27. Ringe, Ringe Raja (Ring Around Raja) - (former) Yugoslavia
  28. Veselee Husi (Jolly, Happy Ganders) - Ukraine
  29. Tue Tue (Clapping Game) - Ghana
  30. Akwa Nwa Nere Nnwa (The Little Nanny Story) - Nigeria
  31. Bebe Moke (Baby So Small) - Zaire
  32. Kanyoni Kanja (Little Bird Outside) - Kenya
  33. Ali Baba'nin Ciftligi (Ali Baba's Farm) - Turkey
  34. Zum Gali Gali (Work Song) - Israel
  35. Attal Mattal (Rhythm Game) - Iran
  36. Anilae Anilae (Chipmunk, Chipmunk) - India
  37. Kai Veechamma (Move Your Hand) - India
  38. Fong Swei (After School) - China
  39. Arirang (Arirang Hill) - Korea
  40. Ame, Ame (Rain Song) - Japan
  41. Pok Amai, Amai (Clap Together) - Malaysia
  42. Australia - Australia
  43. Epo I Tai Tai E (I Will Be Happy) - New Zealand
  44. Nani Wale Na Hala (Pretty Hala Trees) - Hawaii
  45. Hello-Reprise

Travel the world as you explore diverse countries and cultures while learning geography. Read true stories of missionaries and the Gospel of Matthew to understand God's heart for the world in this year-long curriculum for 3rd-8th grade.

Students are introduced to the physical and spiritual needs of mankind as they learn about ecosystems and lifestyles in different parts of the world. Prepare traditional food, make native crafts, and listen to ethnic music.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.