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My Father's World is dedicated to inspiring academic excellence in an easy and life transforming way. We highly encourage you to consider these options provided by Unbound, our strategic ally for higher education.

DECLARE Coaching

My Father’s World has created a curriculum that fully integrates God’s Word into every aspect of the education process. DECLARE Coaching is built on the same premise and principles. We believe that education only makes sense in the context of a Biblical worldview. Our goal is to help your child grow in their education and knowledge of God.

DECLARE Coaching is an online Synergy Mentorship approach to accountability that meets every other week. Using our high school curriculum, experienced coaches come alongside students by offering:

  • 18 bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to a private communication platform with students and coach
  • Opportunity to grow in responsibility and planning skills
  • Access to a community of like-minded students
  • Quarterly calls with the parents to touch base with the coach
  • Quarterly Design Your Future calls held with student leaders in the Unbound community to share insight on the struggles and the rewards of life in this season

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Ascend by Unbound is a robust Christian leadership and professional development program that prepares students for the real world through project-based education.

Ascend students are assigned to teams of 7-10 other students facilitated by highly trained team leaders. They interact with their fellow students through online workshops, a private Slack group, and three in-person events. (Registration cost for all three events is covered in the cost of the Ascend program.)

Over the course of the program Ascend students will complete a personal project that is relevant to them and their goals. In the fall, they will brainstorm ideas and discuss them with their team. In the spring, they will select their project and begin to execute on their plan. Projects are an opportunity for Ascend students to apply what they have learned and gain real world experience doing something in a field that interests them.

In addition to working on their project, students will take the Signature Leadership Courses, taught by Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries. This three-course series is designed to train young adults in practical Christian leadership. Not only are they accredited for 3 college credits each, but they are also certified by Unbound in partnership with Dr. Jeff Myers.

Students also have the option to earn up to 30 total college credits during each year in the Ascend program.

After just one year in the program, Ascend students will have:

  • Completed a personal project
  • Attended three live events across the country
  • Learned from subject-matter experts through live workshops
  • Completed the Signature Leadership Courses
  • Earned the Signature Leadership Certification
  • Built a powerful community and network with other students
  • Earned 9, 15, or 30 college credits
  • Earned the Ascend Certification

For more information about what your student can achieve through Ascend, schedule an appointment today.

After one year in the program, Ascend students will have achieved the following:

For more information about what your student can achieve through Ascend, schedule an appointment today.

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Navigate is an online, 16-week course designed to help young adults launch into life with confidence by empowering them to make decisions stress-free. The Navigate course helps students answer questions like …

  • Should I even go to college?
  • If so, which college major should I choose?
  • How do I find work that I love?
  • How do I handle too many interests — or not enough?

With an engaging course format and two live Q&A sessions, your student won’t just learn how to make big life decisions — they’ll love the process!

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