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The Human Body for Every Kid

Item #: 13501 

Janice VanCleave

ISBN: 9780471024082

Uncover the mysteries of the human body with this book packed with hands-on projects. With everyday items, complete these easy activities that make learning fun.

Included with the Rome to the Reformation Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Janice VanCleave

ISBN: 9780471024082

What makes the heart beat faster or slower?
How do tightrope walkers keep their balance?
Why does spinning fast cause dizziness?

Explore the mysteries and the workings of the human body through this fascinating collection of ideas, projects, and activities. Have fun while you learn about everything from the body's basic building blocks to how the brain receives messages from other parts of the body.

Make a model of a human cell that you can eat for dessert. Make a working model of a human lung from a soda bottle, a balloon, and a garbage bag. Through these and other activities, you'll find out how your lungs supply air to your blood and your heart pumps blood throughout your body; how your body sees, hears, feels, smells, and tastes the world around it; how you lose and regain up to five pounds of skin every year; and much more.

Most of the materials you need are already part of you; the rest you will easily find around the house or classroom. Every activity has been "child tested" and can be performed safely and cheaply in the classroom, at a science fair, or at home.

Included with the Rome to the Reformation Basic and Deluxe Packages.