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God's Creation from A to Z Premier Package

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God's Creation from A to Z is a kindergarten learning adventure that focuses on the wonder of God's creation.

This is a year-long Christian curriculum that contains all of the necessary subjects.

The sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of the exciting topics you will explore.

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God's Creation from A to Z

  • A year-long complete curriculum — Bible, reading and language arts, math, science, art and music.
  • Focus on the Creation story from Genesis for two weeks, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach unit studies (one letter and science topic each week).
  • Explore the sun, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, dinosaurs, and so much more with simple science projects, related Bible concepts, easy hands-on activities, music, and children's literature.
  • New in 2024 Enjoy exclusive videos that combine fascinating science facts with biblical concepts for each of our 26 science topics. Produced by the Wild Brothers, four homeschooled brothers who encourage us to live the ultimate adventure of following Jesus.

Educational Development with My Father's World

Structured Daily Lessons
Part 1: Reading/Language Arts and Math
  • Includes 100 Chart and monthly calendar, poems, phonics-based reading lessons, and handwriting.
  • All typical kindergarten math goals are taught using hands-on activities and colorful worksheets.
Part 2: Activities
  • Bible/character development lesson and the day's special hands-on activity
  • Activities focus on science, math, art, children's literature, and creative thinking.
Part 3: Read Aloud
  • Books and poems are included in the package and scheduled in the Teacher's Manual.
  • The Teacher's Manual includes an extensive list of our favorite read-alouds for each lesson to find at your library (all optional).
Part 4: Outside Time
  • Unstructured outside play for health and large motor development.
Curriculum Details
  • This highly successful multi-sensory phonics approach makes teaching reading easy.
  • Hands-on and workbook activities are combined to teach letter names, 26 letter sounds (consonants and short vowels), sound blending, and correct handwriting.
  • Students learn to read and write short vowel words.
  • By mid-year they are reading very simple stories.
  • As part of our "learning to love to read" focus, for each unit children enjoy a children's literature book related to the theme plus related activities.
  • Our informal, integrated approach helps children easily learn foundational math concepts.
  • Many skills are woven into the lessons as students cut an apple in half, measure and compare the lengths of dinosaurs and whales, and order leaves by size.
  • All typical kindergarten goals are taught, including:
    • Counting objects
    • Writing numerals
    • Preparing and understanding charts and graphs
    • Comparing, classifying, sequencing
    • Understanding ordinal numbers, fractions (whole/half), clocks, money
    • An introduction to addition and subtraction.
Bible, Science, Creative Thinking, Children's Literature, Art, and Music
  • These subjects are integrated into the 26 easy-to-teach thematic units.
  • Each week focuses on one alphabet letter and one corresponding science topic.
    • For example, in the first lesson, "S-s-sun":
    • Learn that, like the sun, Jesus is the Light of the World
    • Study about the sun, construct and use a sundial
    • Observe and chart grapes as they become raisins
    • Paint a sun and listen to a funny book about shadows
  • Each weekly unit includes theme-related crafts and an activity with classical music.
Character Development
  • This special focus is integrated into each unit.
  • For example:
    • The turtle lesson teaches, "I don't quit -- I persevere!"
    • The horse lesson teaches, "I obey right away."
    • The zebra lesson teaches, "I can't hide anything from God."

Add-Ons to Complete Your Curriculum

Package Includes All of the Following

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We are DELIGHTED with the Kindergarten curriculum. Your lessons are so wonderfully laid out for successful homeschooling. My daughter used to say, "I don't want to do school." Now she sits right down, expecting to have fun! And my toddler can easily participate in the science projects. We're enjoying My Father's World immensely.

J.O., Oregon

This is my first year homeschooling and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. My Father's World has been a blessing . . . I am constantly amazed at the organization and completeness of the curriculum. We are thrilled with it all . . . The art and science projects are very well laid out, simple enough for my kids to understand and yet so full of fun and wonder that the kids have learned a LOT about God's creation.


Just wanted to let you know how much my son has enjoyed your program. We started it when he was 4, he has since turned five, and he is on lesson 25. He can't wait to do his work each day and he is reading the short stories each week with ease. We tell everyone that has young children about My Father's World.
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful program.

Charla, North Carolina

God's Creation from A to Z can be very helpful, not only to inexperienced homeschool parents, but also to veterans who have children at higher levels as well as little ones.
A solid program like My Father's World can ease the burden of a parent-teacher pulled in several directions and ensure that the kindergarten child in a larger family will not "fall in the cracks" or have any serious gaps in their learning.

Paula, Texas

God's Creation from A to Z is one of Cathy Duffy's 103 Top Picks! See her review.


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Student Sheets for God's Creation from A to Z engage children in a variety of activities. They include student pages, handwriting practice, teaching charts, game cards, badge patterns, monthly calendars, short vowel song cards, math and science activity sheets, and pages to make twelve short vowel mini-readers. Many of the sheets are printed in color or on thick colored paper.

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Learn lowercase letter shapes.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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KEVA 30 Maple Planks and Cards are a great learning resource for fun, engaging, hands-on activities. Includes Activity Card Set.

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