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With the Voyage of Discovery pre-K program, children will gain academic-readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers, enjoy read-aloud times, develop fine and large motor skills, and increase in cognitive skills.

Most importantly, children learn God's truth and are encouraged to live it in their lives.

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Voyage of Discovery

    In this year-long Christian pre-K program, children will:

    • Discover many exciting things about the world in which we live.
    • Gain academic-readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers and enjoy read-aloud times.
    • Learn about their community (post office, fire station, church, grocery store) and make delightful science discoveries.
    • Develop fine and large motor skills and increase in cognitive skills.
    • Most importantly, learn God's truth, the Bible, and be encouraged to live it in their lives.

    Educational Development with My Father's World

    • Bible Stories and Activities
    • Hands-On Science
    • ABC's and Numbers 1 to 10
    • Shapes, Colors, and Sequencing
    • Fine Motor and Visual Skills
    • 60 Minutes, Five Days a Week, for 32 Weeks.
    Curriculum Details
    Spiritual Growth
    • Key themes include God loves us, so we love God and we love our neighbor as ourselves.
    • Daily Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation with related hands-on activities.
    • Weekly Bible verses.
    Reading and Math
    • Read-aloud stories included in the package develop reading readiness and a love for books. The Teacher's Manual includes an extensive list of our favorite read-alouds to find at your library (all optional).
    • Hands-on alphabet activities.
    • Print awareness, visual and auditory skills.
    • Numbers to 10, colors, shapes, sorting, and classifying-sequencing.
    Science and Social Studies
    • Simple activities to encourage curiosity, a love for science, and an awe for God's amazing creation.
    • Opportunities to learn to make predictions, ask questions, observe carefully, and discuss results.
    • Community Helpers: post office, fire station, church, grocery store, and more as well as suggested field trips.
    Physical Development
    • Gross motor skills: outside play, both structured and unstructured.
    • Fine motor skills: paint and color and draw, squeeze play dough, begin writing letters and numbers.
    • Health: focus on nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks.
    Cognitive Development
    • Creative thinking, problem solving, imaginative play.
    • Songs and fingerplays.
    Art and Music
    • Hands-on crafts and songs for Bible memory verses.

    Add-Ons to Complete Your Curriculum

    Package Includes All of the Following

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    You've made it really easy on parents. It's just enough for each day, not too much. My son loves school and is disappointed when it's not a school day. He's been thanking me daily: "Thank you for doing school with me, Momma!" I am super happy with the curriculum.


    I really appreciate how mommy friendly the lesson plans are. You are doing something amazing with this program!

    I was really surprised with how well my daughter did with the Number Activities. The Sock Throw was really fun for us to play, educational and physically challenging. The Penny Drop was also a fun way to count. All of my kids got involved in the activities and my 2 year old loved the Cotton Ball races.

    My daughter absolutely loved making the stop light. It was super cute and gave such a fun exercise to practice obeying the rules. The Command Cards were also a big hit, as well as Follow the Leader. I liked that these activities were all centered on obedience, and yet so very fun for my little one. They were activities that I can see us wanting to play over and over again. I love these kind of activities because it really encourages me to play with my kids.


    I like the integration of the Bible stories and character themes with the hands-on activities the children do.


    Voyage of Discovery has been a great combination of Biblical learning, academic learning, and character education! My son now can identify and write all of the letters, and he has a good foundation of the Bible. The transition from preschool to pre-K was simple for us. I love this program and plan to use it on my younger children as well.


    We have loved the Voyage of Discovery curriculum! It has been such a great fit for our schedule and my son's educational needs. We love the hands-on-learning activities, the educational toys, and the easy-to-follow weekly lesson plan and notes!

    The ABC activities are going really well. My son has developed a new interest in finding and talking about letters. He absolutely LOVED getting to use the test tubes and eye dropper this week.


    I like the routine this Pre-K is giving our days. My kids really seem to like doing it. We love that each week starts with the treasure hunt of the letter of the week. Very fun. We also love the discovery science time each week!


    The Voyage of Discovery curriculum is so exciting that my son asks to do it even on the weekends! The curriculum perfectly balances discovering the world, developing motor skills, preparing for reading and writing, and learning biblical truths that a child can apply at their own level.

    My Father's World has picked such great educational toys and exciting books! They've taken the work out of homeschooling and left me with all the fun! The educational toys are great but the ideas that My Father's World adds easily triple their value. My son will play with them over and over as I give directions on all different ways to use them.

    Life for a preschooler really is a voyage of discovery. My Father's World curriculum has captured that wonder and developed it in specific skills and concepts appropriate for their age. The curriculum is easy to follow and it helps me guide my child through concepts that build from simple to more complex over the year. After all, the most exciting and enduring lessons are those you discover yourself.

    We love the My Father's World curriculum! Can you tell?


    Voyage of Discovery is one of Cathy Duffy's 103 Top Picks! See her review.


    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
    WARNING: Strangulation Hazard. Long Cord. Not suitable for children under 18 months.

    V. Gilbert Beers

    ISBN: 9781434702937

    101 simple Bible stories with colorful illustrations teach your child important Biblical values.

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    Student Sheets for Voyage of Discovery engage children in a variety of activities. They include the Discovery Poster, ABC and Math Pages, Paint Cards, Game and Activity Cards, and Puzzles. Many of the sheets are thicker paper for art and other projects; some sheets are printed in color or on colored paper.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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    A complete set for the young scientist!

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    Develop early math skills using vehicles. Your child can count and sort cars, airplanes, trains, buses, ships, and helicopters. Set includes 24 counters in different shapes and colors.

    Colors and vehicles may differ from image.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
    May drop/change, order with
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    These ocean-themed cookie cutters will add fun to the Voyage of Discovery, and will be enjoyed by children of all ages. Includes a list of 16 simple, fun activities.

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