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All Aboard the Animal Train is our preschool year-long hands-on learning adventure with fun and easy-to-teach Bible-based lessons. Your child will learn about 12 animals through stories, finger plays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters.

Along the way, they will experience spiritual growth, cognitive development, reading and math readiness, and develop a love of learning.

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All Aboard the Animal Train

  • Fun and engaging hands-on learning couldn't be easier!
  • Easy-to-teach activities
  • Everything is pre-planned for you
  • Almost no preparation needed
  • A complete year-long preschool curriculum (12 three-week units)

Your child will learn about a new character trait, color, number, and animal in each of the 12 units through:

  • Fun activities
  • Creative play
  • Songs and finger plays
  • Colorful animal cookie cutters

Educational Development with My Father's World

  • Multi-Sensory Hands-On Activities
  • Focus on Character, Colors, Numbers, and Animals
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 60 Minutes Daily
Structured Learning Experiences
For example, Unit 1 focuses on love (God loves us, so we love God and others), rabbits, number 1, and red.
Together Time
  • Hear Bible stories about God's love
  • Sing a Bible song
  • Create a unit poster
  • Help make red play dough
  • Enjoy red foods and go on a red color hunt
  • Pretend to be a rabbit.
Outside Time
  • Unstructured outside play for exploration
  • Health and large motor development.
Story Time
  • Books and poems are included in the package and scheduled in the Teacher's Manual
  • An additional list of optional library books focusing on the 12 animals you will study
Surprise Time
  • Five semi-independent activities
  • Toys or other simple-to-gather items listed in the Teacher's Manual.
Curriculum Details
Spiritual Growth
  • God loves us, so we love God and others.
  • Twelve character traits - love, obedience, patience, kindness, sharing, thankfulness, politeness, friendliness, forgiveness, joy, truthfulness, doing your best.
  • Three Bible stories and a memory verse for each character trait.
Reading and Math
  • Read-aloud stories and poems develop reading readiness and a love for books. The Teacher's Manual includes an extensive list of our favorite read-alouds for each unit to find at your library (all optional).
  • Literacy extension activities
  • Print awareness, phonemic awareness skills (rhymes, etc.)
  • Informal alphabet readiness - watch the adult read and write words and enjoy an optional alphabet art activity
  • Numbers, colors, shapes - a variety of multi-sensory activities develop true understanding
Physical Development
  • Develop gross motor skills - pretend to be an animal, play outside, and more.
  • Develop fine motor skills - squeeze play dough, paint and color, learn finger plays, and more.
  • Focus on health and nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks.
Art and Music
  • Each unit has a preschool learning song (animals, colors, etc.) and a Bible song.
  • Painting, coloring, and simple crafts.
Cognitive Development
  • Creative thinking, problem solving, imaginative play.
  • Twelve animals - what fun!

Add-Ons to Complete Your Curriculum

Package Includes All of the Following

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Teaching Two-Year-Olds

All Aboard the Animal Train is designed for three-year-olds and for two-year-olds who are ready for more focused learning activities and can understand the read-aloud books in the program.

If you are teaching a two-year-old you have two options:

  • Teach All Aboard the Animal Train twice: once when the child is two and the following year when they are three.
    • The first time through, skip the weekly Optional Art Activity for the alphabet and some of the more difficult number activities. Use some of the Ideas for Two-Year-Olds on pages 114-116.
    • When a child is three, repeat the program but do all the activities and add some of the Additional Activities for each unit. You will be able to use higher level language and expect a bit more from the child this time. Young children are not bored by repetition — they love to hear the same story over and over.
  • Teach All Aboard the Animal Train once but stretch it out.
    • Begin with the Ideas for Two-Year-Olds on pages 114-116.
    • Then use All Aboard the Animal Train every other day.

We also have a great activity extension set for younger children that are ready for a more focused time of learning through play. Consider our Fun on the Farm Set designed for:

  • young two-year-olds who aren't quite ready for our complete preschool program, All Aboard the Animal Train.
  • preschoolers of any age who love farm animals.


The first time I read through the lessons I started getting teary-eyed . . . it is such a gift that someone out there had the time and passion to create something so valuable for the rest of us! There are so many values and experiences you want to give to your children, but the pace of life doesn't usually give you the time to think it through and plan and research out all the details. This package puts it all at your fingertips! Fun, exploration, good balance of learning and play, values taught in a relaxed way, and more. Wow. Thank you! It's great!

Elizabeth M.

You have done an amazing job putting together the sweetest things for our little kids. Thank you!

Rebecca H.

I like the simplicity of the activities. I like that the projects are easy and I do not need to buy lots of supplies. I LOVE the books.

I like that this teaches character and it is not overwhelming. I had [a different] curriculum I was going to use, but I am glad to be using this instead. This is much easier and less work, but allows my son to feel like he is doing school. This really does not take too much time. The crafts are easy and the books are all excellent choices.

Magda L.

This curriculum seems to go along well with "habit training" - getting my son used to the idea that he has to follow directions and that I have certain activities preplanned for him. I think this is preparing him well for school in the coming years.

I love the great books included in the curriculum. Such a nice selection of books! It's also a great pace and a lovely amount of time-not too much, no stress, not killing his love of what he's learning. I applaud you for that! Thank you so much!

Katie B.

I like being able to open lesson plans and follow a well thought out program. It is easy for me to adjust a program, but it is much harder for me to invent one. My college training in Science and Engineering did not really prepare me to teach preschool. Thank you for all your hard work because I have more time to spend teaching and engaging my children with less stress and frustration for all of us.

Maegan F.

One thing My Father's World has done for me is really hold my hand and help me do those things that I desire to do with my kids, but never really have the time to plan and prepare.

Thank you for offering this program. It is giving me the tools and resources to be intentional with developing our relationship and also working godly character traits into her life.

Tina P.

We are just loving your program. :)

My daughter loves all the books and wants to read them over and over throughout the day. :) we give them a huge thumbs up. :)

This program has helped me carve out little bits of time just for my daughter and she really looks forward to this new routine. :) She eagerly runs for her cards and activities. :) It is a huge blessing. :)

Thank you. :)

Leah M.

I just love that the approach with this program is gentle, and yet has really impacted and helped my son's learning in a way that he loves. It takes all the ideas of what a child loves to do, and incorporates it into fun learning units. I have seen this with colors, numbers, Bible stories, and pre-writing skills. I am glad you can create something that is filled with learning skills, and keep it interesting and fun for the child.

Heather J.

All Aboard the Animal Train is one of Cathy Duffy's 103 Top Picks! See her review.


Student Sheets for All Aboard the Animal Train engage children in a variety of activities. They include Color, Number, and Shape pages; Puppets; Greeting Cards; Poems; Puzzles; and Train Poster. The sheets are printed on thick paper to accommodate paint or markers; some sheets are printed in color.

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Jumbo red, yellow, green, and blue paints with an easy-to-grip brush.

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