More Than A Carpenter

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Josh McDowell

ISBN: 9781414333809

A thorough examination of the evidence that Jesus was more than a carpenter, he was God in the flesh. Considers the reliability of Scripture, the testimony of the disciples, and the clues to the authenticity of the resurrection.


Skeptic Josh McDowell thought Christians were out of their minds. He ridiculed and insulted them, then decided to combat them with his own thorough research to disprove the claims of Jesus Christ. To his surprise, he discovered that the evidence suggested exactly the opposite - that Jesus, instead of being simply a first-century Hebrew carpenter, truly was the God he claimed to be.

Since its original publication, More Than a Carpenter has sold over 15 million copies and changed countless lives. Now, in this revised and updated edition, Josh is joined by his son, Sean, as they tackle the questions that today's generation continues to ask:

"Can I be spiritual without believing in God?"

"How can I make sure that my life counts for something?"

"Is it really possible to know anything for sure about God or Jesus?"

  • read the story.
  • weigh the facts.
  • experience his love.
  • and then watch what happens.

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