Christian Curriculum for
Homeschools, MicroSchools, and Schools

  • Preschool to 12th Grade
  • Teaching is easy with pre-planned lessons
  • Learning is fun with thematic hands-on projects
  • A Christian worldview throughout all subjects

Pre-planned, thematic curriculum that makes teaching easy and learning fun with hands-on projects.

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A Christian biblical worldview is the foundation of our curriculum

Your child will experience the Bible, God's Truth, integrated into social studies, history, geography, science, math, language arts, literature, art, music, and character development.

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A Family Focused Approach

Our approach allows you to teach your children together at the same time with age/grade appropriate projects to keep everyone engaged and challenged.

Bring Your Family Together

Structured mornings and flexible afternoons

Teach and learn at your own pace and incorporate field trips with ease to reinforce learning.

Learning Through Doing