What Makes My Father's World Unique?

See the World through God's Eyes

My Father's World is dedicated to raising up generations of families who see the world through God's eyes and live according to that knowledge.


God's Word is Central

Celebrate the world through God's eyes. Our comprehensive preschool through high school program thoroughly integrates Bible with the study of history, geography, science, literature, art, and music while helping children learn a biblical worldview.

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Hebraic Classical Education

Unlike the traditional Greco-Roman classical approach, which has a man-centric view of the universe, we utilize a Hebraic approach. We teach about the God of the universe and His relationship with mankind whereas traditional classical education teaches about the gods that man creates and worships.

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Combines Multi-Age Children with One Unifying Curriculum

Our curriculum can be taught to children at several different grade levels all at the same time, resolving the issue of how to split your time among your children and keep track of many different topics.

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Structured Mornings with Flexible Afternoons

It is not about academics. Our efficient yet complete schedule leaves time for life and service. Use the afternoon for electives, music lessons, the library, field trips, and good old-fashioned outdoor play.

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Enhances Retention with Hands-On Activities

We all remember what we learn when we experience it. Children not only read about important concepts and places, but also discover them with fun and simple hands-on activities such as history notebooks, timelines, cooking, nature walks, and science projects.

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Geography Sets the Stage

Geography sets the foundation for chronological world and U.S. history in our curriculum. A solid understanding of God's people and culture across the world allows students to better pray for and share the Word with others.

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Missions Heart Beat

My Father's World is committed to the Lord of All, who tenderly searches for people from every tribe and language. A portion of our profits supports mission work overseas, especially Bible translation projects. Our heart's desire is that someday soon all people would be able to read of God's love in their own language.

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Wholesome Classic Literature

Timeless classics and inspiring biographies that develop character are read aloud for all ages to enjoy together. Our curriculum packages also recommend wholesome grade-appropriate books for independent reading to inspire a child's love for learning.

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"Open & Teach" Lesson Plan

Daily pre-planned lessons remove the guesswork and planning so you can spend more time making memories with your children. Some curriculum providers require as many as 8 different teacher's manuals per student. My Father's World combines its guidance into one streamlined guide that is easy-to-teach, enjoyable, academically strong, and focused on character development. Both new and experienced teachers appreciate the ease of teaching.

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Affordable Complete Curriculum for All Ages

Our comprehensive preschool through high school curriculum includes all subjects and combines the top learning philosophies (Hebraic Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and Literature). Once you learn how our system works, you can easily move from one grade to the next without gaps in learning.

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