Unit Study Made Easy

Hands-on, Unit Studies Make Learning Fun and Enhances Retention

Ask anyone what they remember learning as a kid and they will undoubtedly tell you about a science experiment they conducted or a presentation that they made. In contrast, no one ever talks about his or her favorite textbook. Simply put, most students learn better by doing. That is why we integrate hands-on, unit studies into our curriculum at My Father's World. By tying learning activities to a particular theme and incorporating a variety of subjects into one lesson, kids get engaged and retain more of what they learn.

To make this easy on our homeschooling parents, we remove the hassle of planning and organizes simple projects in a chronological learning sequence. Our Family Learning Cycle follows a chronological unit study approach to help families of all sizes educate their kindergarten through 8th grade children together, rather than using completely separate curricula and splitting parent time and attention.

By combining multiple subjects into one set of lessons and encouraging children to see the big picture, rather than simply pieces of random information, our curriculum ensures all subjects are thoroughly covered in an appropriate amount of time for every age.

Where to Start

Family Learning Cycle:We highly recommend you begin the Family Learning Cycle with Exploring Countries and Cultures. This foundational study of geography and cultures shares God's heart for all people and makes the future study of history come alive for families. Far more than just "book learning," Exploring Countries and Cultures leads families in preparing and eating authentic meals from around the world, creating arts and crafts and enjoying music from countries "visited," and praying for people of all cultures. Families dive into science by learning about the wonderful variety of habitats God has created in the world – including rain forests, deserts, and polar regions – and take weekly nature walks with their nature journals.


Exploring Countries & Cultures:Exploring Countries and Cultures also plants the seeds for future missions work by studying the stories of godly men and women who have served as missionaries around the world, along with weekly memory verses and daily readings from Matthew. Middle school students supplement their Christian homeschool education with full biographies of inspiring missionaries at a higher grade level and additional research on each country.

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