Foreign Language Enrichment Guide

There is a wide array of foreign language courses available and My Father's World has developed a free guide that can be used with any course you choose.

This enrichment guide provides the framework to complete one year of foreign language study and to gain one high school credit in foreign language. The guide can be repeated in future years to gain additional high school credits. The suggestions contained in this guide can also be used with younger students to enrich their learning experience, adding cultural activities, audio review, and other language-related activities.

A high school credit consists of 150 hours of student work. The Real Life Activities contained in this guide provide the additional work needed to achieve 150 hours of study. In addition, there are Optional Audio Activities to use if your language program contains an audio review component.

Each day, record the date and the amount of time spent in foreign language study. This will give you a record of your progress and a basis for assigning credit.

Download your Foreign Language Enrichment Guide today!

Note: Compatible with any foreign language course; not included.
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