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During the rhetoric stage of learning, students learn to apply the rules of logic to their knowledge in order to declare their conclusion both verbally and in writing. My Father's World integrates Bible, history, and English to help students grow in their understanding of a Biblical worldview.


Focus: Preparing Godly Graduates
  • Comprehensive Four-Year Program
  • College-Prep
  • Parent-Guided Independent Study
  • Bible, History, and English Integrated
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Timelines and Maps
  • Service Projects
  • Math and Science
  • Full Range of Electives

My Father's World comprehensive four-year curriculum for high school integrates Bible, History, and English (3 full-year credits). Each year has detailed daily lesson plans written to the student and a complete book package. Add science, math, and electives.

Our high school curriculum covers all needed language arts including writing instruction and assignments (composition), grammar, literature analysis, and reading lists. No other supplementation is needed. However, an incoming student weak in formal grammar should complete Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 8. Likewise, a student weak in composition skills should complete Writing with Skill Level 1 (at least half of the book).

Why Ancient History and Literature in High School?

While reviewing the sequence of the high school program, you may be asking, “Can my student skip Ancient History and Literature since it is not a state requirement for graduation?” Though not state-required, My Father’s World believes Ancient History and Literature is critical to a Biblical scope and sequence for high school. This program provides high school students with a solid foundation in Bible that includes reading the entire Old Testament. Integrating Old Testament readings with the study of ancient cultures and literature meets the greater goal of educating children with solid Christian beliefs, while achieving strong academic goals. Ancient History and Literature helps high school students embrace a strong Biblical worldview by developing analytical skills and spiritual maturity. Students will be faced with many thoughtprovoking life issues including, “Will I live for my pleasure, or will I live for God’s glory?” Ancient History and Literature is important for all high school students, even those who have recently studied this time period. Don’t miss this great opportunity to give your children more of God’s heart for His people and His creation while preparing them for college or a career.

Composition and Grammar in High School

In Year 1, Ancient History and Literature, composition focuses on the argumentative essay. The Ancient Literature Supplement with Grammar and Composition instructs students step-by-step how to write a strong five-paragraph argumentative essay. Five unique argumentative essays are written during the year to help students improve their skills. Detailed instruction explains how to write a thesis statement and format each of the five paragraphs. Grammar lessons related to this type of writing are included. These essays draw from what is being studied in Bible, English, and history to help students mature in their understanding and ownership of a Biblical worldview. One essay prompts the student to compare and contrast the gods’ motivations and relationships in Bulfinch’s Mythology to that of the Living God. As students think through and write this type of essay, they cannot help but grow in their understanding of their God. Students also create original psalms and complete less structured essays on history topics.

During Year 2, World History and Literature, a traditional research paper is written during the first 10 weeks. This project includes research and bibliography note cards, footnotes, and a bibliography. The student also learns to write 10 other types of compositions in response to literature read during the program. Writers INC provides instruction for the research paper and other assigned compositions, and serves as an excellent resource on language usage.

In Year 3, U.S. History to 1877, American literature is analyzed from a Biblical worldview using reading and writing assignments in the American Literature Supplement. The Progeny Press study guide for The Scarlet Letter also includes assigned essays. In addition, grammar review is included using Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 11.

Year 4, US History 1877 to the Present, includes one semester of modern American literature and one semester of speech. At least nine classic novels are read from this time period, each analyzed using a novel review in the lesson plans covering plot, characters, theme, and woldview. Writing a research paper is highly recommended.