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During the rhetoric stage of learning, students learn to apply the rules of logic to their knowledge in order to declare their conclusion both verbally and in writing. My Father's World integrates Bible, history, and English to help students grow in their understanding of a Biblical worldview.


Focus: Preparing Godly Graduates
  • Comprehensive Four-Year Program
  • College-Prep
  • Parent-Guided Independent Study
  • Bible, History, and English Integrated
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Timelines and Maps
  • Service Projects
  • Math and Science
  • Full Range of Electives

My Father's World comprehensive four-year curriculum for high school integrates Bible, History, and English (3 full-year credits). Each year has detailed daily lesson plans written to the student and a complete book package. Add science, math, and electives.

Our high school curriculum covers all needed language arts including writing instruction and assignments (composition), grammar, literature analysis, and reading lists. No other supplementation is needed. However, an incoming student weak in formal grammar should complete Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 8. Likewise, a student weak in composition skills should complete Writing with Skill Level 1 (at least half of the book).