MicroSchools and Learning Pods are just new ways of defining a small group of students learning together in a home or community. More and more parents are returning to this "one room schoolhouse" philosophy and you can too!

MicroSchooling with My Father's World:

  • Develops socialization skills and benefits from peer learning
  • Offers customizable schedules to fit your child's needs and learning style
  • Engages varying teaching styles through multiple parent-teachers
  • Builds community support from other like-minded parents
  • Requires minimal prep time with step-by-step daily lesson plans for ease of use
  • Is an affordable and economic choice when compared to private education

Our curriculum:

  • Is designed so a parent/teacher can seamlessly lead multiple children across a wide age range
  • Can be taught easily by a small team of parents/teachers
  • Provides step-by-step daily lesson plans for minimal prep time and maximum ease of use
  • Is structured to cover required subjects in less time than an average public school day
  • Encourages older children to help by sharing knowledge with the younger children
  • Thoroughly integrates God’s Word across a variety of subjects

My Father's World recommends teaming your MicroSchool or learning pod with a preschool using our curriculum. This is a great way to keep the youngest children engaged in the learning experience while freeing other parents to teach. Learn more today at ChristianPreschool.com.

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