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Magazines from WORLD News Group

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In 2017, one subscription is included with the purchase of many curriculum packages or teacher's manuals. See complete details

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Introductory price

Discounted rates when you order through My Father's World!

My Father's World is pleased to offer our customers discounted rates on 1-year memberships to God's Big World, WORLDkids, WORLDteen, and WORLD magazine. Memberships do not self-renew.

These magazines, which are a part of our language arts recommendations, offer current event articles from a biblical perspective. They help students develop vital skills in reading journalistic-style writing and make a great addition to your Book Basket.

God's Big World

God's Big WORLD is a rich environment for children to explore God's creation. Each membership includes six magazines, which will be mailed to your address every other month. With appealing content and fascinating sights and sounds found online and on convenient mobile apps, God's Big WORLD will foster your child's love for learning. Ages 3-6.


WORLDkids will capture the imagination of elementary age children, making learning fun, while furthering their understanding of the Christian faith through highly engaging magazines, fascinating digital content, and fun mobile apps. Each membership includes six magazines, which will be mailed to your address every other month. Ages 7-10.


WORLDteen engages young teens with the truth in a way that helps them pursue the kind of life God intends. With stories they can relate to in relevant magazine articles, attention-grabbing digital content, and creative digital apps, your teen will learn to navigate the culture with WORLDteen. Each membership includes six magazines, which will be mailed to your address every other month. Age 11 through 8th grade.


WORLD magazine features timely news written from an intelligent, biblical perspective and is renowned for its incisive journalism.

Each membership includes 26 magazines, mailed to your address every other week. You will also have full, unlimited access to all WORLD News Group online content, including the exclusive content behind the new WORLD Fellow Member Portal and access to all WORLD digital assets (iPad, mobile phone, daily podcasts, etc.). WORLD is a trusted source of news for 9th graders through adults.

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