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All Aboard the Animal Train Preschool Deluxe Package

Item #:91051 

All Aboard the Animal Train is our year-long hands-on learning adventure with fun and easy-to-teach Bible-based lessons. Your child will learn about 12 animals through stories, finger plays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters. Along the way, they will experience spiritual growth, cognitive development, reading and math readiness, and develop a love of learning.

Read Cathy Duffy's review of this curriculum.

Free Weekend to Remember discount voucher is included with the purchase of a package.


Focus: God Loves Us So We Love God and Others

  • Complete Preschool Curriculum
  • Multi-Sensory Hands-On Activities
  • 12 Units Focus on Character Traits, Colors, and Animals
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 60 Minutes Daily
Teacher's manual

All Aboard the Animal Train is our year-long hands-on learning adventure for three-year olds. This complete preschool program is flexible and simple to teach. You can begin any time of the year. You can do all the activities, or pick and choose the ones best for you. You can use the program as written for 36 weeks (3 weeks per unit) or shorten it if you want to condense the program for an older three-year-old.

Hands-on learning couldn't be simpler! Easy-to-teach activities are all scheduled for you with almost no preparation. (Who has time to gather ribbon in 6 colors, cut out 50 little penguins, or plan new activities every day?) Your child will learn about 12 animals (one in each unit) through finger plays, creative play, songs, and colorful animal cookie cutters.

Our program is also bursting with fabulous books, all scheduled for you, about each animal. We're excited about this fun, educational curriculum with biblical values and character development!

Each of the 12 three-week units focuses on a character trait, a color, and an animal. For example, Unit 1 focuses on love (God loves us, so we love God and others), rabbits, and red. In Unit 1 your child will:

  • Hear Bible stories about God's love, sing a Bible song from the included CD, participate in simple character-developing activities, and create a unit poster (from the Student Sheets) to display during the unit.
  • Help make red play dough from scratch, enjoy trying red foods, and go on a red color hunt.
  • Pretend to be a rabbit, learn a rabbit finger play, listen to stories about rabbits, and make a rabbit-shaped sandwich with cookie cutters included in the Package.

Children will enjoy four different activities each day, scheduled in the Teacher's Manual:

  1. Clean Up and Together Time - daily activity
  2. Story Time - books and poems from the Package and a list of optional library books focusing on the 12 animals you will study
  3. Surprise Time - five semi-independent activities using resources from the Deluxe Package or other simple-to-gather items
  4. Outside Time - unstructured outside play for exploration, health, and large motor development

The goals of our program are:

Spiritual Growth
  • God loves us, so we love God and others.
  • Twelve character traits - love, obedience, patience, kindness, sharing, thankfulness, politeness, friendliness, forgiveness, joy, truthfulness, doing your best
  • Three Bible stories and a memory verse for each character trait
Cognitive Development
  • Creative thinking, problem solving, imaginative play
  • Songs and fingerplays
Reading and Math
  • Read-aloud stories and poems to develop reading readiness and a love for books
  • Print awareness, phonemic awareness skills (rhymes, etc.)
  • Informal alphabet readiness - watch the adult write and read words, enjoy several alphabet stories and an optional alphabet art activity
  • Numbers, colors, shapes - a variety of multi-sensory activities develop true understanding
  • Twelve animals - what fun!
  • Each unit has a preschool learning song (about animals, colors, etc.) and a Bible song, using Sing for Joy CD created by MFW.
Physical Development
  • Gross motor skills - pretend to be an animal, play outside, and more
  • Fine motor skills - squeeze play dough, paint and color, learn finger plays, and more
  • Health - focus on nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks

You may have tangible wealth untold; Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be - I had a mother who read to me.

Strickland Gillian
This program might be just right for you if:
  • You'd like to create memory-making time each day with your child - an easy-to-teach Together Time activity (15 minutes), Story Time (books and poems provided), a semi-independent Surprise Time activity, and unstructured Outside Time.
  • You are looking for a flexible, easy-to-use, educationally-sound, character-developing program.
  • You'd love a big stack of read-aloud books, paint, sturdy activity sheets, and educational toys, with daily lessons already planned - all at a great price.
If you are already homeschooling older children:

The All Aboard the Animal Train Teacher's Manual is very easy to follow, and you may find that an older child would enjoy helping you teach your preschooler. However, another option is to just order our Preschool Educational Toy Package which is designed for those who want a collection of preschool educational toys but not a daily preschool curriculum.

All Aboard the Animal Train Preschool Student Sheets
Included with the All Aboard the Animal Train Basic and Deluxe Packages. Directions for the Student Sheets are found in the Teacher's Manual.

Purchase one per addtional student. 
Item #:
First Crayola Jumbo Watercolors & Brush

Jumbo red, yellow, green, and blue paints with an easy-to-grip brush.

Included with the All Aboard the Animal Train Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Purchase one per additional student. 
Item #:

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