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KEVA Structures 200 Plank Set

Item #: 72826 
Keva Planks are wonderfully simple. Each piece is a perfectly smooth pine plank ¼ inch thick, ¾ inch wide and 4½ inches long. The illustrated idea book, included with the set, is a great way to start learning. Like many ideas in My Father's World Curriculum, at first glance they look too simple; but once a family sits down to build together, amazing things happen. When studying the Taj Mahal in Exploration to 1850, kids can build a simplified replica. When reading about Archimedes and levers in Creation to the Greeks, Keva Planks can be used as examples. While studying Jamestown in Adventures, build a simple model of the town. In 1850 to Modern Times, Keva Planks can construct a shoot for a marble to help explain kinetic energy. Keva Planks are a great toy to have on hand when parents are looking for extra hands-on activities to make any level of curriculum more engaging. 200 plank set.


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For Curriculum
Kindergarten,1st Grade,Adventures,Exploring Countries and Cultures,Creation to the Greeks,Rome to the Reformation,Exploration to 1850,1850 to Modern Times