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Dimensions 1A One-Semester Set

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With its rigorous content and engaging visuals, Dimensions provides a strong elementary math foundation. Written by a team of Singapore math educators and experts with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience, this comprehensive series meets the needs of today's students.

Both Workbooks and Textbooks are required components and are consumable.


TEXTBOOK (consumable)

Textbooks introduce concepts through logical sequencing. Lessons encourage discussion and help students reach fluency through engaging activities and strategies. Corresponding exercises in workbooks help students consolidate and practice new knowledge. Features & Components:

  • Chapter Opener: Each chapter begins with an engaging scenario that stimulates student curiosity in new concepts. This scenario also provides teachers an opportunity to review skills.
  • Think: With guidance from teachers, students solve a problem using a variety of methods.
  • Learn: One or more solutions to the problem in Think are presented, along with definitions and other information to consolidate the concepts introduced in Think.
  • Do: A variety of practice problems allow teachers to lead discussion or encourage independent mastery. These activities solidify and deepen student understanding of the concepts.
  • Exercise: A pencil icon at the end of the lesson links to additional practice problems in the corresponding workbook.
  • Practice: Periodic practice provides teachers with opportunities for consolidation, remediation, and assessment.
  • Review: Two cumulative reviews provide ongoing practice of concepts and skills.

WORKBOOK (consumable)

Workbooks offer the independent practice necessary for students to hone their skills. Corresponding to textbook material, lessons begin with fundamentals and progresses to more challenging problems. Features & Components:

  • Basics: Provide a review of basic concepts covered in textbooks.
  • Practice: Reinforces and consolidates learning through practice problems.
  • Challenge: Offers advanced enrichment through challenging problems.
  • Check: Gives students a chance to confirm their understanding.

HOME INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE (for home, school, or MicroSchool)

Home Instructor's Guides are an essential resource for a home, school, or MicroSchool. They are much more concise and easier to use than traditional Teacher's Guides. The Guides help educators understand concepts in the Dimensions Math® curriculum and teach as effectively as possible. They include background notes, lesson suggestions, tips, activities, and answer keys.