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Thinking Like a Christian Teaching Textbook w/ Guide

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David A. Noebel and Chuck Edwards

Learn how to view the world from a biblical perspective. This text will explain the Christian worldview and build students' confidence in articulating their beliefs.

My Father's World Exclusive Edition


Get a healthy dose of reality.

From TV news to public school classroom, secular ideas are presented as "the way to think" - sophisticated and scientific, contemporary and aware. Even though they're infected with an array of false assumptions. Yet Christians too easily succumb because they don't understand how remarkably reasonable it is to view the world from a biblical perspective.

Designed to build a young person's assurance that a Bible-based worldview makes sense, and drawn from the popular seminars by Summit Ministries of Colorado Springs, Thinking Like a Christian:

  • Explains the Christian worldview of subjects as diverse as law, biology, theology, psychology, politics, philosophy, sociology, economics, history, and ethics
  • Builds a student's confidence in confronting alternative worldviews
  • Includes My Father's World Exclusive Edition of the Teaching Guide

U.S. History to 1877 is a one-year curriculum for high school that integrates U.S. history, government, English, and Bible (3 full-year credits).

Throughout the year, students will develop a biblical worldview in their daily life, in areas such as history, economics, law, and science.

This curriculum focuses on the time of early exploration to the Civil War and dives into the structures and functions of the U.S. Government through reading historical documents, political speeches, and literature written during that time period.