Exploring World History 3-Book set (Notgrass)

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Ray Notgrass

Volume 1 ISBN: 9781609990619

Volume 2 ISBN: 9781609990626

In Their Words ISBN: 9781609990633

Explore world history from a Christian perspective. Volume 1 covers from Creation to the Middle Ages; Volume 2 explores from the Renaissance to modern times; and In Their Words contains primary source documents, speeches, poems, and stories from world history.


This course helps students understand history from the perspective of faith in God and respect for His Word. In addition to reading the history narrative about events, issues, and people from around the world and across the centuries, students read the words of people who made history in original documents, speeches, poems, and stories.

This three-book set includes:

  • Exploring World History Volume 1: Covers history from Creation to the Middle Ages
  • Exploring World History Volume 2: Explores history from the Renaissance to Modern Times
  • In Their Words: Contains primary source documents, speeches, poems, and stories from world history.

Ray Notgrass

Student Review ISBN: 9781609990718

Quiz & Exam Book ISBN: 9781609990725

Answer Key ISBN: 9781609990732

Review and exam materials for Exploring World History.

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Ancient History and Literature is a one-year curriculum for high school that integrates history, English, and Bible (3 full-year credits).

Throughout the year, our pre-planned lessons guide the student through the entire Old Testament, while applying its truths to their lives with insightful questions and discussions.

Students develop composition skills and analyze literary classics from a Christian perspective with invigorating vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking questions.

My Father's World believes Ancient History and Literature is critical to a biblical scope and sequence, integrating Old Testament readings with the study of ancient cultures and literature.