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God and the History of Art, Paint and Marker Cards

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Consumable Paint and Marker Cards are designed to be used with the God and the History of Art package. All directions for the Paint and Marker Cards are found in the God and the History of Art textbooks.


Each child will need his own set of these thick card stock sheets for painting and marker lessons. One set is included with God and the History of Art. Photocopy cards or purchase extra sets for each additional child.


Barry Stebbing

ISBN: 9780970040565

A Godly Perspective to ART History A great resource, this four-year curriculum features an extensive survey of art history, fortified with 268 lessons teaching beginning drawing, painting, use of colored markers, perspective, color theory, and so much more.

Includes 2-volume textbook, Paint and Marker Cards, and 36 color postcards of artists' paintings. Recommended for ages 10+, but younger children may be able to use it with help.

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Travel back in time to Old Testament days and see God's hand throughout ancient history in this year-long curriculum for 4th-8th grade.

Learn how the biblical account fits in with other civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Babylon. Old Testament stories and celebrations come to life, while science with experiments points to God's design including dinosaurs and other discoveries.