Why My Father's World Exists

My Father’s World began with a commitment to fund Bible translation projects worldwide, and we continue with this focus in the forefront of all we do. Our story begins in the early 1990s when David and Marie Hazell moved to Russia. While living in Siberia and later in Moscow, the Hazells became involved in translating, printing, and distributing children’s Bibles, copies of the New Testament, and Bibles in many languages.

Prior to moving to Russia, Marie, a speech and language specialist and teacher, spent years teaching language development kindergarten, and later kindergarten and first grade. Her experiences homeschooling her children inspired Marie to develop a Bible-based curriculum for use with homeschooling as well as Christian school classrooms. In 1998, a prominent homeschool speaker and writer contacted the Hazells in Russia to inquire about publishing a review of a kindergarten curriculum Marie had written. The Hazells worked with friends and family in the United States to set up an online store to sell the curriculum.

In 1999, Marie created a unique curriculum for first grade. The kindergarten and first grade curricula became popular with homeschool families and, by 2000, the business became too large for their friends and family to manage on the side. The Hazells returned to the United States to help focus on selling the curricula. This endeavor would become what is today My Father’s World – a complete Christian homeschool curriculum from preschool through 12th grade uniquely combining the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus.

God has blessed My Father's World, and we have been able to make increasingly significant contributions to translation projects each year. Bible translation will always have a special place in My Father's World. Together with our friends, family, customers, and vendors we can continue our mission of helping people “See the World Through God’s Eyes.”


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