Buying Used Curriculum? Consider This.

Imagine the scene. You’re standing over the box that just arrived and can’t wait to open it and see the “gently used” curriculum you purchased from a friend of a friend. As you thumb through the pages, it’s suddenly clear. Something’s wrong and you need help.

When a good deal isn’t a good deal?

Everyone likes to save a few dollars whenever possible, but there are times when we come to regret the corners we cut to save a few dollars today. Many families face this reality after purchasing used homeschool curriculum. Here are a few things to consider before making that purchase.

Missing Pieces

It is extremely frustrating to open the package of a product you just purchased only to discover the pieces you need to follow the instructions aren’t there. With homeschool curriculum, the missing pieces can be something as difficult to detect as a few lost pages from a resource. Unfortunately, replacing those pages is often not possible as older products become unavailable. Even the most “gently used” curriculum runs the risk of being incomplete.

Outdated Materials

In an effort to maintain the highest possible standards, it is necessary to make occasional changes to our curriculum. This might mean anything from minor textual changes to substantial overhauls. Sometimes these changes must occur due to resources going out of print or other circumstances beyond our control. Used curriculum presents frustrating and time-consuming problems like being unable to find older books, incompatible Student Sheets, and mismatching page numbers in Teacher’s Manuals.

The Bigger Picture

More than these things, your family misses out on taking your place in a much bigger picture. By purchasing new curriculum from My Father’s World, you partner with us in funding Bible translation projects around the world. We are able to continue supporting these projects through the direct sale of new materials, continuing our missions of helping others See the World Through God’s EyesLearn more about our commitment to Bible translation. 


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