What Will My Day Look Like?

Before we talk about what you can expect if you follow the recommendations in our schedule, let’s cover a few basics ... like time management:  

- It is important to be as consistent as possible with your start time. You will find yourself frustrated trying to get everything done if you are inconsistent on this point.

- Eliminate distractions as much as possible. Your school time is school time. Distractions like phone calls, text messages, social media interaction, etc., should be eliminated as much as possible.

- Flexibility doesn’t mean compromise is always an option. Just because you could make an appointment during your school time doesn’t mean you should. Dedicated time is a must.

Preschool – 3rd Grade

Lessons are short and concise with overlapping subjects to make the learning experience efficient and effective. Preschool and PreK will take about an hour per day while Kindergarten and 1st Grade will take about an hour and a half. Once you reach Adventures in U.S. History, you can expect around 3 hours per day. Obviously, multiple children will add to these time estimates. As an example, if you begin by 8:30AM with family Bible time, follow our Teacher’s Manual recommendations, and take breaks only when really needed, you should finish before lunch every day.

3rd Grade – 8th Grade (The Family Learning Cycle)

With one child, you should expect between 3 ½ to 4 hours per day. You’ll also learn to enjoy the benefits of what we call “light and independent Friday.” This is a day for catching up with anything not completed during the week along with field trips, appointments, etc. For multiple children, the Family Learning Cycle helps maximize your time helping one child while another child works more independently. Following our schedule, you can easily finish most if not all subjects by noon.  

High School

High School introduces more parent guided independent student work. Bible, History, English, Math, and Science will take about 1 hour each per day. Your involvement as a parent will be to work closely with your child for the first 2 weeks (you may want to start your high school student 2 weeks early if teaching multiple children). After this period, you will have a conference with your child weekly to check work, grade writing assignments, and engage in conversations about their week’s lessons. Electives will require extra time as will required weekly services projects.


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