Bring God's Word Front and Center

We want to help you bring the Bible front and center in your child’s home education. My Father’s World is dedicated to raising up generations of families who see the world through God’s eyes and live according to that knowledge.

Here are 5 ways you can make God’s Word central to your homeschool experience.

Memory Verses – No, it’s nothing new and radical, but applying the concept practically and consistently is very important. Help your child memorize as much of a verse or passage as possible. Define any difficult words and discuss the meaning of the passage. Encourage your child to recite the memory verse in front of others who will give positive feedback.

Handwriting Practice – Have your child copy the verse, part of a verse, or passage onto lined paper while looking at the verse. This is also a good opportunity to focus on neat and careful handwriting, punctuation, and the definitions and spellings of unfamiliar words.

Dictation – Slowly read the verse or Scripture passage to your child and, as you read, the child writes the passage. Don’t give your child any help with spelling or punctuation at this point. Help the child find and correct errors afterward. This is a great approach to teach/review language arts skills by combining grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing, and thinking in a natural setting into a single activity.

Draw the Story – For younger children, have them write a verse or part of a verse and illustrate it in a Bible Notebook. Even older children will enjoy illustrating Bible stories in their own way while copying verses or Scripture passages.

Journaling – No matter the age, if a child can write, they can journal. With their daily Bible reading, the child can keep a journal of what they read and their thoughts about it. This is also a great time to incorporate critical thinking and creative writing with their daily Bible reading, as well as generating topics to discuss with your child to help build their faith.

Our comprehensive Bible based homeschool curriculum is not a single subject; instead, you will find our Bible curriculum thoroughly integrated with the study of history, geography, science, literature, art, and music in each year of our program, helping children learn a biblical worldview from preschool all the way through high school. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is studied in all three learning stages – DISCOVER, INVESTIGATE, DECLARE – each at a more detailed level.

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