Benefits of Homeschooling

Parents considering homeschooling are often bombarded with negatives. But if you ask an experienced homeschool family about their journey, you’re far more likely to hear an almost endless list of positives and benefits they’ve enjoyed along the way. Here are just a few of the numerous benefits of homeschooling.

Academic flexibility:

Your child; your classroom. You have the flexibility to meet the current needs of your child based on their learning style, personality, and developmental stage. As the teacher, you get to set the pace and focus more time on challenging subjects or topics. Also, you’re able to better pursue your child’s interests for a more personalized learning experience than with other educational options.

Learning in a family environment:

The family is the foundation of society and culture, as well as the primary atmosphere for developing a child’s morality and worldview. You will have the opportunity to give the most valuable resource you have to your children – your time. Homeschooling can help you build a stronger family unit as your children learn and develop in a way that aligns to your goals and values.

Quality social development:

By utilizing the flexibility homeschooling affords you, social development can be guided in the most positive directions. You are eliminating common problems such as bullying, peer dependency, and school-induced stress while exposing your child to positive adult role models, other homeschool families with common values and goals, and children of various ages and skill levels who encourage your child in their own learning adventure.

Less distraction:

Because you are the head of your classroom, you are allowed to define the value of learning. Your child will not suffer the distractions of others who place a lower value on the learning experience, allowing your child to excel without distraction.

Along with these few points, consider the future. Homeschooled children tend to develop real-life skills better, perform better on standardized tests, and are able to enter college with a solid transcript that was earned without the burnout from “busy work” they would have encountered otherwise. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to shape your child’s faith and value to the community and the Kingdom in a very special way. This makes the greatest potential benefit of homeschooling the eternal value.


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