An Accredited Curriculum?

We are often asked if our homeschool curriculum is accredited. The better question is this: Is there such a thing as an accredited curriculum? The answer might surprise you.

What is accreditation?

In the United States, accreditation refers to the process by which schools are certified compliant after being reviewed by an outside agency based on a particular set of standards and qualifications. These factors include the qualifications of faculty and the hours required for each subject taught. Neither of these are relevant to the quality of the curriculum. Accreditation applies to school, but not to a particular curriculum. Schools can be accredited and teachers can be credentialed, but there is no accreditation process available for curriculum.

If that is the case, why do some advertise an “accredited curriculum?”

In situations like these, you are looking at a homeschool program offered through a school or other learning institution. Think of it like a distance learning program where the school is accredited but the curriculum itself is not. While this certainly says something about the school meeting certain standards of accreditation, it does not ensure the quality of a particular curriculum or guarantee that it will meet your child’s individual academic needs. Remember, even the curriculum in an accredited school is not itself accredited.   

Then should I really be concerned about accreditation?

Generally, no. No state currently requires a homeschool curriculum to be accredited, nor is it required to in order to issue a valid diploma upon graduation. Your concerns should focus on complying with the homeschool laws and requirements in your state. More information is available at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association website.

But what about college, employment, or the military? Or if we are unable to continue homeschooling?

These are all very common concerns. There has probably never been a period in our lifetime when homeschoolers were more favored in the eyes of colleges and universities. Employers and the military generally do not view homeschool diplomas objectionably. Again, the key is complying with local homeschool laws. And, in the event that you are unable to continue homeschooling, compliance with your state’s requirements along the way will help facilitate the transition.

My Father’s World curriculum is used by some accredited schools and, most importantly, meets or exceeds academic standards nationwide. Families in every U.S. state and in many countries around the world have discovered the life-transforming practical excellence found in My Father’s World curriculum. So, while we are not accredited, we are certainly designed to meet the highest standards for your child’s academic success.


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