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Study Guide Anne of Green Gables

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Alisa Thomas

ISBN: 9781586093310

Progeny Press study guides help your child develop skills in literary analysis. Introduces concepts such as plot, character development, conflict-resolution, all from a Christian perspective.


The inimitable Anne Shirley is a poor orphan girl looking for a kindred spirit. When the orphanage mistakenly sends her to Prince Edward Island to an aging brother and sister who need a boy to help on the farm, they all get more than they bargained for. Anne's energetic embrace of life and genius for getting into trouble make this book a joyful story, full of lessons in expectations and love.

Progeny Press study guides include:

  • background on the authors and stories
  • pre-reading suggested activities
  • vocabulary activities related to the stories
  • general content questions
  • literary analysis and terminology questions designed to give students a good understanding of writing technique and how to use it
  • critical analysis questions designed to help students consider and analyze the intellectual, moral, and spiritual issues in the stories and weigh them with reference to scripture
  • detailed answer key

Language Arts


L.M. Montgomery

ISBN: 9780812979039

When Marilla Cuthbert and her brother Matthew send for an orphan boy to help Matthew on the farm, Anne Shirley, a skinny, red-headed girl who never stops talking, arrives instead.

From the beginning, Matthew's heart is captured by this "kindred spirit" and he decides he wants to keep her. Marilla reluctantly agrees to this, but eventually finds herself absorbed by Anne's chatter, amused by the scrapes Anne gets herself into, and frustrated with Anne always having her head in the clouds.

As Anne grows, Marilla finds her a "genius for getting into trouble." Yet, as Anne says, "have you ever noticed one encouraging thing about me, Marilla? I never make the same mistake twice." Despite her many predicaments, life at Green Gables is happy.

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