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The Stories of Foster and Sousa Music

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ISBN: 9781619990920

My Father's World presents the lives and music of the world's great composers in an exciting, easy-to-follow format. A narrator discusses the composer's life, and specially selected music is played - an interesting, informative way to learn more about the giants of classical music.

Included with the 1850 to Modern Times Deluxe Package.

ISBN: 9781619990920

Did you know?

  • Several of Foster’s songs became so popular that they are thought to be folksongs and not by anyone in particular.
  • A poor businessman, Foster let his most famous song be published with someone else’s name as composer.
  • John Philip Sousa had an instrument manufactured to his own specifications. Do you know its name?
  • Though known as The March King, Sousa wrote many operettas and other pieces of music besides those for which he is famous.
  • "The Stars and Stripes Forever," America's best-known march, came to Sousa in a dream while crossing the Atlantic.

Narrated by Allin Robinson and Arthur Hannes

SPECIAL BONUS: Following The Stories of Foster & Sousa with Music, you will hear 6 complete marches by John Philip Sousa.

Included with the 1850 to Modern Times Deluxe Package.

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