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The Best of Beethoven

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ISBN: 9781619990869

With over 70 minutes of music, this CD introduces your child to the music of Beethoven. Includes selections from the best of Beethoven's symphonies and piano pieces.


A sampling of Beethoven's most famous compositions.

Track List:

  1. Symphony no. 5 (I. Allegro con brio)
  2. Symphony no. 5 (IV. Allegro)
  3. Egmont op. 84 (I. Overture)
  4. Piano Concerto no. 5, "Emperor" (II. Adagio un poco mosso)
  5. Piano Concerto no. 5, "Emperor" (I. Allegro)
  6. Symphony no. 6, "Pastoral" (II. Andante molto mosso)
  7. Symphony no. 6, "Pastoral" (V. Allegretto)
  8. Piano Sonata no. 14, "Moonlight" (I. Adagio sostenuto)
  9. Bagatelle no. 25, "Fur Elise"
  10. Piano Sonata no. 8, "Pathetique" (II. Adagio cantabile)
  11. Piano Concerto no. 3 (II. Largo)
  12. Symphony no. 3, "Eroica" (I. Allegro con brio)
  13. Piano Sonata no. 20 (II. Tempo di menuetto)
  14. Symphony no. 9, "Choral" (II. Scherzo: Molto vivace)
  15. Symphony no. 9, "Choral" (III. Adagio molto e contabile )


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