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At every level of My Father's World, our Christian homeschooling curriculum emphasizes learning about cultures, civilizations, and God's heart for people around the world. We believe this prepares families to serve their communities domestically and internationally through short- and long-term missions work. Many My Father's World families are inspired by our curriculum to take the message of God's love for all around the globe.

Our Commitment to the World

When God called us to start My Father's World, it was with a commitment to fund Bible translation worldwide. God has blessed My Father's World, and we have been able to make increasingly significant contributions to translation projects each year through a trusted nonprofit organization, God's Word for the Nations. Its focus is funding Bible translation to advance God's Kingdom by communicating His Word into the heart language of all people.

Bible translation has a special place in My Father's World. Together with our friends, family, customers, and vendors we have raised over nine million dollars for this task. God has made it possible to help many translators stay active on this great task.

God's Word for the Nations


Everyone Needs to Hear of God's Love in Their Own Language:Bible translation is a long, costly process that is significantly under-funded. This is why God's Word for the Nations joins with individuals, families, churches, and businesses to provide needed prayer and finances. Please consider a gift to God's Word for the Nations so that Scripture can be available to those who do not have a Bible in their language. All of your gift will go directly to a translation project.


God's Word for the Nations:There are 900 versions of the English language Bible. But of the 7,388 languages spoken in the world today, only 1,617 have a New Testament, and only 724 have a full Bible. There are over 6,000 languages without a complete copy of God's Word.

God's Word for the Nations sponsors well-established organizations who translate, publish, and distribute God's Word. Join us in supporting Bible translation!

Involve the Whole Family


Charitable Examples from Our Customers:Small gifts add up to help translate, print, and distribute God's Word in the heart language of all people. No donation is too small.

  • Ace, Buck, Troupe, Rett, Tege, and Sweetie made granola to sell at a local truck stop earning $261 which their parents matched.
  • Two families had a garage sale.
  • Another family made greeting cards.

Meet Charlotte:Charlotte has collected over 31,000 pennies for the Bible translation fund. She brings them in by the bucketful! When she partners with God's Word for the Nations, the money she has collected goes to bring God's Word to the Bible-less people of the world. Thanks Charlotte!

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