How to Switch Curriculum

For many families, My Father’s World is all they have ever used on their journey. Many others have transitioned to us from public school, private school, or another homeschool curriculum in pursuit of the best possible fit for their family. In most cases, the switch to My Father’s World happens very easily.

Withdrawing from public school and becoming a homeschool family may seem overwhelming, but it is often much easier than you think. Our friends at HSLDA have a wonderful state-by-state resource to help you navigate the road away from public education toward educational freedom at home.

We often hear from families that are overwhelmed trying to do everything required in their current curriculum. Thankfully, that is something we rarely hear from our own families. Our Teacher’s Manuals are geared toward the average mom, not necessarily a classroom teacher, and involve much less preparation. Daily pre-planned lessons remove the guesswork and planning so you can spend more time making memories with your children.

Some curriculum providers requires as many as eight different teacher’s manuals per student. We combine our guidance into one streamlined guide that is easy-to-teach, enjoyable, academically strong, and focused on character development. Our Daily Lessons Plans have an easy-to-use weekly chart format that lists each subject with book titles and page numbers to complete each day. Additional helpful information and directions for simple hands-on activities are also included.

My Father’s World programs are low prep for parents and hands-on for children. We combine Charlotte Mason's philosophies, chronological unit studies, and classical education while teaching from a biblical perspective.

Whether homeschooling one child or multiple children, My Father’s World offers a learning experience which unites and engages the entire family. For the homeschooling parent with multiple children, deciding how to split your time among each child and keep track of many different topics can pose a major challenge. The Family Learning Cycle solves this problem with curriculum packages that can be taught to children at several different grade levels all at the same time.

Maybe you have a question about appropriate placement for your homeschooler. We enjoy consulting with families before, during, and after curriculum selection because we truly want to help and serve you. Feel free to call 573-202-2000 or email to speak with one of our curriculum consultants. See samples of our Teacher’s Manual and other resourcesLearn more about our Family Learning Cycle.

We look forward to helping you make the transition to My Father’s World and journeying with you to help your family See the World Through God’s Eyes.


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