5 Common Myths about Homeschooling

There are a lot of voices out there, and some spread intense misinformation about homeschooling. Here’s the truth about 5 common homeschooling myths.

Homeschoolers are isolated, lonely, and lack the ability to function in society.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. By utilizing the flexibility homeschooling affords you, social development can be guided in the most positive directions. You are eliminating common problems such as bullying, peer dependency, and school-induced stress while exposing your child to positive adult role models, other homeschool families with common values and goals, and children of various ages and skill levels who encourage your child in their own learning adventure. Studies by the National Home Education Research Institute show that a homeschooled child is almost twice as likely to participate in community service groups and professional organizations in adulthood.

Homeschool parents are alone and helpless when it comes to teaching their children.

In the information age, the problem of having your back against the wall as a home educator has all but disappeared. My Father’s World has taken the step of providing free personalized consultations by phone and online for our families so that you aren’t left feeling like there’s no one to turn to when you reach a bump in the road. We have also developed guides for families to start Synergy GroupsTM as a weekly community for two or more like-minded families to encourage each other and gain the many benefits of working together.  

Children don’t learn as well as they would in public/private school.

One of the great difficulties with the public/private school setting is the unavoidable lack of an individualized learning experience. Instructors must approach their classroom in a method aiming to reach the widest possible range of learning abilities. In a homeschool setting, your child is the class. You are free to discover your child’s learning style and teach accordingly to ensure their best chance of success. 

Only wealthy families can afford to homeschool.

Sometimes parents assume that the cost of homeschooling is completely prohibitive. After all, how could you teach your children everything they need to know without a ridiculously hefty price tag? Addressing this concern has always been a part of what makes My Father’s World unique. Realizing that most families that homeschool are on a single income, we make our curriculum affordable (often less than $2 per day per child) by incorporated reusable elements and choosing the best yet most reasonable and lasting resources. 

It’s hard for homeschoolers to get into college.

Dr. Michael Cogan, director of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota approached this subject by analyzing the student body. He found the statistics simply didn’t verify the myth. Not only were homeschooled students 2 ½ times more likely to receive a Pell Grant, but they earned a significantly higher GPA and a higher graduation rate. Many universities intentionally pursue homeschoolers knowing that they know how to study and are typically more self disciplined and well rounded. Homeschoolers score 67 points above the national average on the SAT and outperform all other students on the ACT.


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