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Articles about homeschooling

Why My Father's World Exists

My Father’s World began with a commitment to fund Bible translation projects worldwide, and we continue with this focus in the forefront of all we do. Our story begins in the early 1990s when David and Marie Hazell moved to Russia ... READ MORE

Can I Really Teach My Child?

Am I qualified to teach my child math, grammar, history, and all the other things they need to know in order to be successful in life? Our society actively trains parents to believe that they are the least qualified to teach their own children … READ MORE

Your Homeschool Checklist

Think of homeschooling as beginning an exciting trip to a new and adventurous place. At first your every thought is about the amazing experience you’re about to have. Then, all of a sudden, you’re a few days away from taking your trip and you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Am I really ready for this? … READ MORE

What Will My Day Look Like?

Before we talk about what you can expect if you follow the recommendations in our schedule, let’s cover a few basics … like time management … READ MORE

Benefits of Homeschooling

Many times parents considering homeschooling are bombarded with negatives. But experienced homeschool families can share an almost endless list of benefits … READ MORE

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