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Book Basket

At My Father's World, making homeschooling both easy and effective is what we do. That is why we have spent considerable time developing and integrating our Book Basket™ lists into our curriculum. These lists include over 2,000 pre-screened, twaddle-free books designed to encourage a love of reading as children gather more information on topics they are studying.

Each day, time is scheduled for Book Basket™. Our Teacher's Manuals recommend hundreds of age-appropriate books including colorful picture books, chapter books, fascinating biographies, and DVDs all related to the history, geography, music and science taught each week.

How to Use

Suggested books (all optional) that align with the weekly teaching themes are noted in your Teacher's Manual. Collect some of these books from the library and place them in a basket in your homeschool area. During Book Basket™ time, students choose books that most interest them, exposing them to a wide variety of literature while enriching the learning experience.

Children who love to read also love to learn.


My Father's World is a literature-rich curriculum that strives to provide the best choices for reading while keeping annual curriculum costs at a minimum. All required books are included in our curriculum packages, but titles in the recommended Book Basket™ can be borrowed from the library to provide for more flexibility and cost savings.

Book Basket™ is a very special part of the learning process and is designed to develop a love for reading using "living" books. With Book Basket™, we make it easy for you to integrate "living" books into your child’s education.