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Homeschool Made Easy

At My Father's World, we talk a lot about how we make homeschool easy … and it's not just talk. We know that parenting can be a challenging enough job without the added responsibility of being a teacher and we have worked hard to make homeschooling as easy as possible. Here are some of the primary ways My Father's World makes homeschool easy.

Only One Teacher's Manual

While some curriculum providers require parents to use as many as 8 different teacher's manuals per student. My Father's World combines its guidance into one streamlined manual.

Teach Multiple Aged Children Together

For the homeschooling parent with multiple children, deciding how to split your time among each child and keep track of many different topics poses a major challenge. The Family Learning Cycle solves this problem with curriculum packages that can be taught to children at several different grade levels all at the same time. Learn More

Combines Top Learning Philosophies

My Father's World combines the top learning philosophies (Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and Literature) and covers all subjects including art, music, and Bible.

Our Approach

My Father's World Christian homeschool curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason's ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus.


Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy includes living books, literature, timelines, Century Books ("notebooking") and nature walks to inspire curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.

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Unit Study Made Easy

Hands-On Unit Studies enhance retention. Simple hands-on projects organized in a chronological learning sequence without the hassle of planning. Kids love to learn – Parents love to teach.

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Global Focus and Bible Translation

Bring world and U.S. history to life by learning God's story of people – diverse countries and cultures – all needing the grace and truth that comes through the message of His Word.

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Bible Integration

Celebrate the world through God's eyes. We integrate the Bible, God's Truth, in history, geography, science, literature, art, music, and character development. Children cycle through Bible 3 times.

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Classical Education:
The Hebraic Way

Discover, Investigate, and Declare – our God-centric curriculum mirrors the Greco-Roman classical approach of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. But we teach your children Who God Is.

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Organized, Pre-Screened List of Books

By integrating our Book Basket™ lists into our curriculum, we encourage a love of reading as children gather more information on topics they are studying. These lists include over 2,000 pre-screened, twaddle-free books designed to make the homeschooling process easy. Learn More

Book Basket

Curriculum for Every Level

Our comprehensive curriculum runs from preschool through high school so once you learn how our system works, you can quickly and easily move from one grade level to the next. Learn More

Discover, Investigate, Declare

Easy on a Family Budget

Another aspect of making homeschool easy is making it easy on the family budget. My Father’s World has earned a reputation for providing an outstanding curriculum at a relatively low price. Our literature rich curriculum strives to provide the best choices for reading while keeping annual curriculum costs at a minimum.

In addition, we have worked hard to ensure that lessons feature age appropriate materials with no "Twaddle" (extra work) so children have time to engage in other hands-on learning activities and independent reading.