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Gone West CD

Item #: 78116 

Jim Weiss

ISBN: 9781942968696

Travel by wagon on the Oregon Trail or climb aboard Robert Fulton's steamboat as you move west with Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, or other brave souls who hung out signs stating, "Gone West." Build upon your study of Exploration to 1850 while listening to exciting stories from the 1800's about the Louisiana Purchase, the transcontinental railroad, and the devastating effects faced by proud native American warriors as a new nation was settled from ocean to ocean.


Jim Weiss

ISBN: 9781942968696

A new nation that would stretch from ocean to ocean: this was the dream. Follow it into reality, from Jefferson and Monroe arranging the Louisiana Purchase, through the bold explorations of Lewis & Clark, and Sacagawea. Experience the dawning of a new age aboard Robert Fulton's steamboat, and ride the rumbling wagons of the Oregon Trail pioneers. Feel the devastating effects faced by proud native American warriors, and witness the mammoth undertaking of the transcontinental railroad. Journey with the brave souls who hung out the sign, "Gone West!"

Track Listing:

    The Explorers

  1. A Dream as Big as a Continent
  2. The Louisiana Purchase
  3. Lewis and Clark
  4. The Journey Begins
  5. Discovery and Danger on the Prairie
  6. Sacagawea
  7. Grizzly Bears
  8. Rivers and Mountains
  9. To the Pacific and Back
  10. The Pioneers

  11. Mr. Fulton's Steamboat
  12. Days and Nights on the Oregon Trail
  13. The Buffalo and the Iron Horse
  14. Railroad Men


For Curriculum
Exploration to 1850