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General Science Package

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Sherri Seligson
Textbook ISBN: 9781946506276

Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition introduces the general science concepts of the scientific method and earth science, including astronomy, geology, paleontology, meteorology, oceanography, as well as general biology, chemistry, and physics. It covers environmental science and even includes a final module on science and creation, written by multiple modern-day scientists. While preparing students for high school studies, Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition is designed to be vibrant, engaging, and academically rigorous. Further, this course will help the student to develop critical thinking skills and a lifelong passion for exploring God's creation.


Sherri Seligson
Textbook ISBN: 9781946506276

Textbook: This is a true general science course covering a wide range of the branches of science. There is a large component of Earth Science (modules include astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, earth study, geology, paleontology, and environmental science) to give students a great foundation of that broad field of study.The students will learn what science is and, in a detailed and engaging way, how to utilize proper scientific method.

Students are walked through how to record data and report it. Too often, students are not given instruction in how to read and create graphs (a skill that is found on SAT and ACT exams!), however they are taken through the process of creating several graph types, learning how to properly design and read them, too.

The final module is a fun and exciting culmination of the course. It has no exam, rather students are given step-by-step instructions to build a final project of creating a Rube-Goldberg machine, incorporating many of the scientific principles they learned throughout the year (such as combustion, buoyancy, simple machines, and more). Between the project set-up instructions, students will read testimonies from modern-day scientists, sharing how they see God's hand as they work in their respective fields of science.

Experiments: In early modules, specific portions of the text are highlighted so students know where to find important information for lab write-ups, and they are guided through that process. Although the students might complete more than one experiment in a module, they are given the opportunity to choose a single experiment on which they want to complete a formal lab report, thus providing the opportunity to build on interest-driven learning. Lab report samples are provided so the students learn proper formatting and what is expected of them. All of the experiments in this course utilize easy-to-obtain household materials, so no special equipment is necessary, yet complex scientific principles are easy to explore and understand.

Tests: There are tests provided for each module, however, students are given many study helps via a practice Study Guide they complete once they complete a module. The first two module tests are assigned to be given as open-book tests so that students learn the format of this course and more easily transition to improve the skill of test-taking, thus preparing them for upper grades and even college work.

The General Science Complete Package includes:

  • Student Textbook
    The Student Textbook contains all student material, study questions, lab exercises, and module study guides with color photos and illustrations.

  • Solutions and Tests Manual
    The Solutions and Test Manual contains answers to review questions, practice problems, tests, and test solutions.

  • Daily Lesson Plans
    Developed by My Father's World, the Daily Lesson Plans schedule daily assignments for reading and labwork. The lesson plans are included free with the complete package.