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Wedgits Building Blocks Starter Set

Item #: 00007 

This fun and challenging multi-dimensional building set is the winner of several awards. Toddlers can discover a variety of ways to nest and stack the colorful plastic blocks. Preschoolers can create hundreds of unique vertical and horizontal designs with this open-ended building set that the whole family will enjoy.


The smiling face of your exuberant child will show you how important creativity is for that budding personality. Every time your child plays with her/his Wedgits Starter set you will find a great sense of satisfaction. The perfectly nestable design of these blocks assures that there is no wrong way to build. This open-ended building set introduces the "little ones" to the spatial world of angles, color matching and creative, free-play designing. The Starter set has large blocks providing fun for the family with toddlers and individuals with special needs. The easy to grasp form of the Wedgits blocks are built out of geometric shapes that nest, stack and come to life with every colorful design created. Each set contains 15-pieces of primary colored building blocks that can be configured in virtually unlimited configurations. The Wedgits Starter set is compatible with all other Wedgits products making it a toy that will grow with your child.


For Curriculum
Preschool for 3s,Pre-K for 4s

This card-deck provides 46 design ideas at 4 difficulty levels - ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, and older siblings.