Reaching Out in a Time of Need

Our Statement on COVID-19

Dear My Father's World family and friends,

So much has changed in our world in the past few weeks. We all feel the effects. But we have hope. We know that God is with us. He speaks often in His Word – "Do not fear" and "I will be with you always." As His children, this is our time to deeply abide in Him and let His light shine as we pray to the King and wait to see what He will do.

During these difficult and unpredictable times, we want to reaffirm our commitment to you and your family. We are open and will continue to serve the nations while practicing all the recommendations to keep the virus from spreading.

Our mission is to encourage, equip and serve families in the Lord, so that they can encourage, equip and serve others. With this in mind, we are asking you to join us on this mission. As you communicate with friends, family, and neighbors who seek direction during this time, please remember that My Father's World is here to serve.

We see an unprecedented opportunity to, "Love our neighbors as ourselves" and want to support, equip and help you to seize this unparalleled time in history. Never before have families been faced with the challenges of rethinking education for their children. We are making available two free units for your friends, family, and neighbors: check it out and help us spread the word. These are designed with family, fun and interaction in mind. We hope these resources will help families focus on the truly important things of life – God, togetherness and education as a family.

You can remind your friends:

  • 1. They don't need to be a teacher to homeschool.
  • 2. Homeschooling is structured educational enrichment and anything they buy now can be used even if they go back to school.
  • 3. Flexibility is a benefit of homeschooling so anyone can start right now!

We are already hearing of homeschool families inviting others to join their homeschool (let them start where you are), offering to share resources, or reaching out to them via social platforms to help them educate and entertain their kids.

My Father's World sees this as a great way to build and strengthen relationships and prepare the way for the Gospel!

Thank you again for allowing My Father's World the great privilege to serve your family and may God bless you as you seek to serve others!

We appreciate your continued prayers as we also continue to pray for you.

For His Kingdom,
David and Marie Hazell

Check out the
Two Family Activity Packs