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Scope and Sequence

Grade Level Age Thematic Unit Biblical Focus Daily Time Commitment Reading Focus
Discover Preschool 2–3 Readiness—Character Development Discover God's Love 60 minutes Readiness; Read-aloud stories
Pre-K 4–5 Academic readiness—Understand God's Word Discover God's Ways 75 minutes Letters and Numbers
Kindergarten 5–6 26 science units taught through God's Creation—God created the world and everything in it Discover God's World 8–9 subjects
60–90 minutes
Learning to read short vowel readers
First Grade 6–7 Bible overview from Genesis to Revelation—God gave us His word to live by Discover God's Word 9–10 subjects
1½–2 hours
Learning to read from short vowels to full books
2nd or 3rd
(NO siblings in 4th–8th)
7–8 Overview of U.S. history—
The names of Jesus teach us His character
Discover God's Character 10–13 subjects
3–3½ hours
Practice reading freely and learning to enjoy books
Investigate 3rd–8th 8–12 Geography & Cultures —
Sharing God's love with the world
Investigate God's Heart 10–13 subjects approx. 4 hours (7th–8th grade adds 1–1½ hours/day) Learning to "love to read" and experience the value of books
4th–8th 9–14 Creation to the Greeks—
Old Testament
Investigate God's Law
Rome to the Reformation—
Life of Jesus / New Testament
Investigate God's Mercy
Exploration to 1850—
Investigate God's Faithfulness
1850 to Modern Times—
God calls us to serve
Investigate God's Call
Declare 9th–12th
High School
14–18 Ancient History & Literature — Old Testament Declare God's Glory Four-year complete curriculum; 6–7 hours daily for the student who reads at an average speed (including all subjects)

Learning by reading

Books are used to investigate topics

Mostly independent


World History & Literature — New Testament/Church History Declare God's Sovereignty
U.S. History to 1877, Government, and Literature — Biblical Worldview Declare God's Kingdom
U.S. History 1877 to Present, English/Speech, and Economics — Spiritual Disciplines Declare God's Truth

Raising Up Generations of Families Who See the World through God's Eyes and Live According to that Knowledge