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Help your children to be protected and responsible when using their computer on- and off-line

Computers are important tools for learning, playing games, and communicating with friends and family. Unfortunately, they also pose risks that can result in life-changing mistakes. ScreenRetriever helps parents and children use computers safely and responsibly.

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Internet filtering services are good and can help prevent accidental access to unwanted material, but they can not block everything. These filters also do not help you monitor what is actually being done on various sites or what is taking place offline.

That is why My Father's World recommends ScreenRetriever! With ScreenRetriever you can help guide your family to use the internet safely and be ready to correct behaviors before they become a problem.

How it works

It's Easy to Get Started!
  1. Download and install ScreenRetriever.
  2. Click the ScreenRetriever icon for your child's computer.
    • See what they're doing now with LiveView
    • If you can't check in right now, use Replay later.
Why Try ScreenRetriever Children's Internet Monitoring Software?
  • ScreenRetriever, LiveView and Replay gives parents complete visibility of all of their children's computer activity.
  • Parents simply click on the ScreenRetriever icon on their computer to see exactly what their child is doing online live, no matter where the child is in the home.
  • When parents aren't available to use LiveView they can scroll through hours of their child's recorded activities in minutes using Replay.
Parents can see:
  • All Facebook activity (no password required) and other social networks
  • All webcam activity such as Skype so they can see who their child is chatting with
  • All homework completed on the computer
  • All websites visited (not just URLs)
  • All posted pictures, comments, and emails
  • All cyberbullying
  • All after bedtime activity
Kids know it's being used so that trust is not sacrificed and communication is encouraged.
  • ScreenRetriever is not invasive. Most of the time the child's screen is “small” on the parent's computer and only opened into “large” mode when a parent is concerned.
  • By knowing what children are doing and how they are behaving online, parents are able to teach safe, appropriate computer behavior. When kids know parents are paying attention, online risks decrease. Children may think twice about their computer activities knowing their parents are watching.
  • Will not slow down your computer
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Can be used on a single computer or on a home network
  • Not time consuming to check-in on child's computer activity
  • One license for all the computers in your home