My Father's World

Complete Curriculum for Homeschool and Christian School

Combining the best of Charlotte Mason, classical education, and unit studies
with a Biblical worldview and international focus

My Father's World offers complete curriculum for preschool through high school
that works equally well as homeschool curriculum or in Christian schools.

Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers
Designed to introduce the numbers 1 to 5, develop concentration and attention span, teach sorting by color and shape, and develop fine motor and visual discrimination skills. The learning toys encourage quiet play at home, while traveling, or while older siblings are busy with homeschool.
home school curriculum for Preschool
In preschool, the alphabet is introduced and numbers 1 to 10 are taught. While developing concentration and attention span the items and activities in the preschool curriculum teach shapes, sequencing, categorizing, and problem solving whle developing fine motor and visual discrimination skills.
homeschooling in Kindergarten
A year-long learning adventure for young children. This complete kindergarten curriculum contains all necessary subjects and is ideal for homeschool or a Christian school. The first two weeks focus on the Creation story from Genesis, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units that focus on the wonders in God's creation. By mid-year students are reading simple stories. Includes: Bible, reading, math, science, creative thinking, character development, children's literature, and art.
Homeschool curriculum for First Grade
First Grade
A complete curriculum with a phonics-based reading program that focuses on the Bible. The integrated lessons include language arts, social studies, science, math, art, and Bible. Easy-to-teach lesson plans guide you through a complete school year.
homeschooling middle school and junior high school
2nd-8th Grade
This unique and innovative multi-age curriculum begins with a one-year foundation in geography followed by four years of history presented chronologically. Beginning with creation, our curriculum integrates Biblical and world history. When the study of U.S. history begins, it is presented in the context of world history so that your children will understand how world events continue to impact what happens in the United States.

The curriculum is multi-age. Two or more children in 2nd - 8th grade may be taught together, using the same program. (This program also works well with one child.) Each child will enjoy activities appropriate to his age while studying the same curriculum as his siblings. This helps unify the family while easing the parent's teaching schedule.
curriculum for homeschooling highschool
High School
Our comprehensive four-year curriculum integrates Bible, history, and English. Each year includes detailed daily lesson plans and a complete book package.
Language Arts The Language Arts page has recommendations for each of our curriculum packages.
Music & Art All of the music and art listed on this page is also available in our basic and deluxe curriculum packages.
Foreign Language This award-winning program uses your computer to teach foreign language the natural way—the immersion method without translation. Adding a foreign language to your homeschool curriculum is an excellent way to enhance your child's awareness of other cultures.
Math Math is included in the kindergarten and first grade curriculum. The following years use Singapore and Saxon math.
7th-12th Science Science is included in the Basic Package curriculum up to middle school. Separate science packages are available for middle school through high school.
Workshops on CD A collection of Audio CDs from several of David Hazell's workshops as presented at homeschool conventions. From insights to teaching your children to finding your eternal purpose, these recordings will help strengthen, guide, and encourage homeschool families from all walks of life.
DK History of the World
DK History of the World
My Father's World has arranged a special printing of Dorling Kindersley History of the World by Plantagenet Somerset Fry and Simon Adams, used in our high school curriculum program. This exclusive My Father's World version is based on the 3rd (green) edition, but begins with "The First Civilizations" (B.C.), omitting 22 pages of prehistoric man and animals found in other editions. This beautiful, full-color, 378-page hardcover DK History of the World book would be a great addition to any family library, and is especially recommended for junior high, high school, and parent reference. Included with the World History and Literature package.

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