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In the logic stage of learning, children investigate cause and effect as they begin to think more analytically and understand how facts fit together into a logical frame­work. Integrating Bible, chronological history, geography, science, literature, music, and art helps children to understand the world around them.
Teaching more than one student in 2nd-8th grade?
Learn how you can teach them together
with our Family Learning Cycle below.

Family Learning Cycle

multi-age family learning cycle for homeschool

discover iconPreschool — 3rd Grade

If there are no older siblings in 4th — 8th grade, select the appropriate Discover curriculum. After completing Adventures in U.S. History, begin the Family Learning Cycle. If there are older siblings, see "What about Younger Siblings?" section below.

investigate iconFamily Learning Cycle

My Father's World's unique INVESTIGATE Multi-age Family Learning Cycle is designed for children through 8th grade to be taught together using the same program. Bible, geography, history, literature, science, music appreciation, and art activities can be enjoyed by a range of ages. Our Teacher's Manuals provide guidance for grade level expectations as needed. A 7th grader will complete assignments more thoroughly than a 3rd grader while using many of the same resources. The Multi-age Family Learning Cycle keeps the family together when possible and assures that the parent is only teaching one complete curriculum package each year.

You purchase only one INVESTIGATE package per year for all 2nd - 8th graders. Add grade level language arts and math for each child. All our recommendations for 2nd - 8th grades are designed to be completed together in about four hours each day. Each 7th and 8th grader has an additional one to two hours of independent study in more advanced math and science.

Our five year-long programs begin with a one-year foundation in geography and cultures followed by four years of chronological history. A 2nd or 3rd grader continues in the cycle for 6-7 years, repeating material previously learned in 2nd or 3rd grade at an advanced level.

Why Begin with Geography?

We highly recommend that your family complete Exploring Countries and Cultures before beginning the chronological study of history. This foundational study of countries, cultures, geographic terms, and God's heart for all people makes the future study of history more understandable and retainable. Watch your interest in the history of the world come alive when you pray for specific people groups, prepare and eat authentic meals, and learn about cultures, geography, and ecosystems before you study history!

This unique and focused study of geography and cultures is not repeated in high school. A 5th-8th grader new to our program should still begin with Exploring Countries and Cultures, but may need to skip a year or more of the history programs in the INVESTIGATE cycle. History will be thoroughly taught again in the DECLARE high school years.

What about Younger Siblings?

Younger children participate in some of the Family Learning Cycle activities with their older siblings. Kindergarten and first grade students, who are in the learning-to-read process, also complete the language arts and math sections in God's Creation from A to Z and Learning God's Story. Siblings in 2nd-6th grades have 60-90 minutes of independent work each day, which gives the parent time to complete kindergarten or first grade tasks with younger children.

When younger children reach 2nd grade, they fully join their older siblings in the Family Learning Cycle using the same year the others are studying. They can easily join mid-cycle because they have already been exposed to the earlier INVESTIGATE programs as part of the family.

discover iconHigh School

High school students complete most of their studies independently and have a scheduled meeting with the parent on Friday. Because Friday is a shorter day in the younger children's program, the parent has time to meet with the high school student and accomplish all tasks.

Preschool Kindergarten First Grade Adventures in US History Exploring Countries and Cultures Year 1 Creation to the Greeks Year 2 Rome to the Reformation Year 3 Exploration to 1850 Year 4 1850 to Modern Times Year 5 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

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